Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy 18th ~


Today blue eyed boy Emil (seal colourpoint Persian) turned a whopping (in cat's) 18 years. It's not easy getting old, the different degrees of aches, moments of confusion, not being your completely usual and utterly lovable self. But at least you got to enjoy some well-deserved birthday sun on your pretty contemplating furface and yet another beautiful Spring in the Autumn of life. Happy birthday, sweetheart, we have shared so many wonderful times and both ups and downs together ~




Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your blue-eyed one!


Mama Feline said...

Happy Birthday to a gorgeous boy!

Unknown said...

With best wishes and love on your birthday.
And a kiss on your head too, beautiful one.

Poppy Q said...

Happy Birthday Emil. We hope you get lots of treats and smooches. You have the most beautiful blue eyes.

Big b'day smooches.

roentarre said...

Such poetic feel from your posting here. Happy Birthday

Pia K said...

Thank you, Paz!

Thanks, Forever Feline!

Thanks, Kari!

Thanks, Poppy Q!

I'm glad you think so, roentarre, thanks!

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