Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the 2009 king's meadow lily field


This post will be all about fritillarias - or the much, much prettier Swedish name being Kungsängslilja = King's Meadow Lily - and the gorgeous field of them growing wild outside the town of Uppsala (some miles north by car from Stockholm). The field being the real deal, the original Kungsängen (King's Meadow) now nature reserve. A peaceful haven outside the busy city that, if you open your mind, still reminiscence of past times and Carl von Linné.




I have a few of these beauties in my garden, but even if their delicate beauty is treasured the can't really compare with the experience of a whole, vast field of these exquisite bells waving in the wind.



As I mentioned the other day, I'm so pleased we did get there in time to really enjoy the plethora still in bloom this year. Now I finally and completely get what all the fuss is about. It was simply wonderful and awe inspiring.


After having been quite the daring photographer, crawling through grass and close mud, almost spraining my ankles trying to capture the beauty of the King's Meadow Lilies, I also learnt a very important lesson.


One should never ever hand over the camera to untrustworthy people when climbing a stile. Since the urge for such persons to snickering sneeringly capture the once daring photographer now the daring climber in unflattering ways seem to be just irresistible.


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