Sunday, May 17, 2009

confessions of an earring semi-addict


I haven't been wearing regular pierced ears earrings for very long. In fact the only reason for me - not fond of needles and the notion of getting nickel allergy - getting the ears pierced was the fact that I thought it rather obvious I should be able to sport my own earrings. Because what's the point of making jewellery if you can't use it yourself...?

So 2003/04 I went ahead and had my ears pierced - ouch, ouch - but it took quite a while after the initial six weeks of special earrings to get used to the fact that I could actually stick a needle, a pointy thing, in my ears without causing a bloody trauma and not be borderline fainting. I felt squeamish and very uncomfortable with the whole thing for a very long time. Really long and heavy earrings was just out of the question.


Then suddenly I got used to having a bit of a dangle in my ears, and realised that earrings aren't only easy to make the way you want them yourself, it's very easy to find new and interesting, not to mention often rather affordable, must haves in the earrings realm of jewellery. And if I could pick one, only one piece of jewellery that changes a style so easily, that you can truly make a statement with, it must be earrings (not counting over sized, frumpy bling-bling overload necklaces).

I love bracelets, obviously, and rings - but the latter I rarely change other than within my smallish staple collection of comfortable Yvone Christa ones - and yes, the odd necklace or two have been known to find a haven here, but if there is something I ogle, find drool worthy all the time, everywhere, it is earrings. I'm open to suggestions, but I never ever wear gold. Not my thing. At all. More than welcome is silver, pewter, brass, bronze, (semi-)precious stones, ceramics, wood, even occasionally funky plastic.


So, just to make kind of certain I actually change and wear most of my favourite earrings - long term friends or just at-the-moment-kind - now and then I have an earring board for most of them. An earring board that allows me to do some sweet pondering (if I have the time before I rush to the bus), what mood am I in this day, which precious ones need some fresh ear... air, do they lift my spirits that so need lifting today, oh choices, choices...

Some of these earrings I wear often, very often, others not. But I still would like to, so they keep on hanging until the right moment for them comes. And clearly there's still heartfelt room for more sweet pieces on this board. (And when there isn't I have a larger board ready to go to work.) And yes, I am aware that I'm *slightly* partial to flower, heart and bird shaped ear things. I also know exactly where/from whom I got every single one of them. All included in confessions of an earring semi-addict.


Do you wear jewellery? Any particular kind you love the most? Maybe even a particular piece/pair? If so, what is it and why?

Anything that you find appealing on this earring board of undersigned? Maybe something you'd never ever (if not forced by someone stronger than you) wear?


Jake and Noel Designs said...

Hi Pia!

I spy my pansies! LOVE your display of earrings, such a junkie!! Just skimmed your movie favorites. First one I see, Room with a View! Hands down, an absolute favorite!!!

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

What a neat way of displaying your earrings and much easier than trying to fish a matching pair out of a jewellery box!. I love earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, but I never wear dangly earrings with a necklace, it has to be one or the other. I may allow a little pair of coloured studs with a necklace, but that's it!

Poppy Q said...

I love the look of beautiful earrings, but am a bit boring and wear the same silver ones every day. The last pair I had for 5 years, and the current ones I have in I bought from a silversmith at a small market while on holiday.

Your earrings frame looks very stylish.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Liz! Gosh yes, I guess I am a earring junkie and a shawl junkie too - but I don't smoke, drink or use illegal substances so I think it's fairly alright...:) Oh, yes "A Room with View". The best. Ever. I laugh and I cry and I beam and I can't get enough of all its wonderful details and actors, and I really want to watch it all by myself because I'm so nerdy:)

Thanks, Holler, I like it too, even if the pins are a bit tricky an uncooperative sometimes, hm. I completely agree with you, no big necklace and dangling earrings, a big no-no to that!

Thanks, Poppy Q. As I know you love Etsy, you should treat yourself to a few pair of lovelies there:) Compared to what you get for the same price - or a whole lot more - here in Sweden you can make such wonderful finds there. As you already know, of course.

contact said...

Hey dear - where did you get your earring board from?

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