Friday, May 15, 2009

fairytale forest skirt

Once upon a time there was a girl who was very fond of skirts (which can perhaps be described as the best wearable ever made). Preferably skirts with that extra something something. The girl also adored whimsical handmade things, add to that fairy tales that often makes the cherry on a sundae (any day) skirt. One day she found, by chance - if such a thing exists in the world of skirts and fairytales - an amazing looking skirt aptly named fairytale forest skirt.

The problem was that there were not one, nor two, but three versions of the skirt, all very pretty and must-have-able; Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Hansel and Gretel all called to her. So prudently fond-of-skirts-girl decided to wait and ponder, muse and long for the right time to get the right skirt just for her.

Time went, with pondering and musing galore. One day she decided that now is the right time, now I can get one, now I deserve one and she went for the one in green. Because really, you can never go wrong with green, can you? And Red Riding Hood with her basket of goodies and a (kind, of course) wolf in the forest, that was somehow as perfect as could be.

So she measured and fearlessly ordered and then she waited. In anticipation. And waited some more and then some and finally it arrived in the mailbox. Hidden in a pretty pink wrapping and ever so lovely when unwrapped.



If this isn't pure loveliness in cotton twill, I don't know what is! If the fond-of-skirts-girl would have a teeny thing more to wish for it would be that it was a tad bit longer than 21 inches, because tall, long legged gals kind of usually prefer that. The skirt was also roomier than expected, but since it's a wrap-around skirt that's quite good because gaps so not nice.

Made with love by Hannah, worn in love by undersigned, things don't get much better than that! More talented, quirky, creative work by Hannah you'll find at her website and of course in her Etsy shop


Inauguration day today, and it was wonderful and light to wear. Perfect with leggings as it wasn't a very warm day - what ever happened to early summer that was all April? - and I so plan to have the most lovely weekend in it!

I hope you have that too, even if you're not blessed with such a fine skirt as this ~


heidikins said...

Oh goodness, that is divine! I pink puffy heart it!


Poppy Q said...

Your skirt is gorg!! I love the last photo - it looks like spring. I hope you get some warm sunshine to enjoy it in.

Anonymous said...

Very nice skirt. I like it!


Holler said...

it's gorgeous Pia! I am also a skirt girl and would love this one! I have just the shoes to go with it :)

Pia K said...

ha, ha, oh me too, heidikins, me too!

glad you think so, poppy q, so far not a lot of sun, but thank goodness for leggings...:)

thanks, paz! (will not go well with crocs...;)

thanks, holler, yes shoes, very important! i saw another buyer of the skirt posing with the most adorable red shoes, now i'd love a pair of those too...:)

Anonymous said...

LOL! I'll still wear my crocs with this but I would have wear a different color, not my red crocs.

Paz ;-)

Pia K said...

oh no, oh no, that would be borderline a mortal sin, paz, and i'm certain that the wolf on skirt wouldn't approve...;)

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