Saturday, May 23, 2009

share with lesser fortunate


This is by no means a latte and carrot cake that will end up on a my top ten latte-with-carrot-cake-list - if I had one, which I actually don't - it leaves a whole lot more to be desired as far as savoury quality goes. That said, the place that served it does have its definite pros;

:~ the café, bakery, catering, lunch restaurant is run by Stadsmissionen (the City Mission), so by having a coffee and cake, lunch or bread there you contribute in a small or large way to a better life for those lesser fortunate.

:~ the business is run and situated in a beautiful old building, Grillska, smack middle of Gamla Sta'n (the Old Town) where the outdoor seating area on the inner court yard roof - steep stairs to get there - is such a charmingly tucked away place to enjoy - chose wisely and not latte (the machine and not hand made kind) or carrot cake (apart from the perfect blueberry on top too sweet and dry) - something light to eat in good company. Or for that matter, on your own with a good read.

:~ the buildings and the roof tops surrounding the outdoors eating area are just lovely, there are church towers and there are church bells, birds and a whole lot of blue skies if you're lucky. If you're even luckier it's quite peaceful since not a lot of people seem to have found their way up there. So, shh, you can keep a secret, can't you?

:~ Remember to share he food with those small, rather intrusive feathery ones, the also deserve a bit of sharing. And they somehow didn't seem to care that the carrot cake was both dry and too sweet...

Is that all there is, my friend?
Then let's keep sharing ~


Suzan said...

Very nice pictures!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Suzan!

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