Wednesday, May 13, 2009

appointment with dr feist

I said I was going to tell a bit more - without gruesome details - about last week's doctor's appointment. Just because it was unusually fun - yes, imagine that - and different. In a very positive way. I'm so trying to keep my mind from going all wild about the exciting and most interesting things that just might come out of that appointment and the very non-doctorial discussions we had, because life can't be that totally smooth and sweet, can it?

Anyway. This feisty, chatty, very pleasant ear, nose, throat doctor is someone I happened to book an appointment with a couple of years back just because my mother has a doctor in the same, inner city, building and I've always liked the ambiance there (as opposed to the awful district health centers closer to home) and because I needed to see one, of course.

She always in a genuinly interested, friendly way starts talking about life in general, work, travel, hobbies and so forth while examining. (It's been over two years since I last saw her, but it felt like the other week.) This time she had some new hi tech camera she shoved down my nose and throat and as non-pleasant as that was I must say that then having the opportunity to have a look inside one's own nose and throat was. utterly. fascinating. Wow. Apart from the sinusitis everything looked fine - pink and red, I'm so totally cool with that btw - and normal.

Then we began talking photography, cameras - with lots of ohs and ahs over my business cards, thank you camera, thank you MOO -, interior design, Swedish labour market politics - which sucks in about every way possible. Immensly -, job searching, the appaling lack of success in that department despite great qualifications, skills and wants.

I had an appointment for 15 minutes, we sat talking for 45. I left there with not only a prescription but also some really, really neat possible prospects that completely appeal, in an amazing way, to both my creativity as well as my urge and need to move on and forward. And a job interview.

At the same time as I'm both exhilirated with the latter I do know that it's all about meeting the right person at the right time having the right skills - or at least the right person acknowledging that I'm totally right for the job despite lacking a formal thing or two - for something that turns up at that right moment. Too, too well I know.

But hey, a glimpse of a possibility is way better than being glimpseless. And just a really nice, uplifting chat - that might or might not lead to something special - with doctor feist, that's worth a lot in my book.



heidikins said...

I do love those cards, very classy!

Congrats on the interview! Squee!


Jacqueline Meldrum said...

I hope it all works out into something fabulous Pia!

Pia K said...

Thanks, heidikins, times two:) Fingers crossed!

Thanks, Holler, oh do I wish it will, do I...!

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