Thursday, May 07, 2009

applehook report # 1


Applehook is a success. It clearly attracts birds. Of all sizes and shapes.

Future updates on its user friendliness to come in a blog near you.


Poppy Q said...

Those bits look like a person has come up and bitten the apple.

I am sure the birds are enjoying their sweet spring treat.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Yes PIA; this one would scare the bravest. I am glad it works so well!

P.K said...


Siri said...

Such a good idea- I was wondering if any birds would take a liking to your apple. Might just have to order one myself- yet another example of good Swedish design.

Tusen Takk!


Ady Grafovna said...

It looks like a person has been eating it! I wonder how big this bird is. :)

I am glad that it works. Thanks for the update.

Pia K said...

Oh, I never thought anyone would think it was a bird-bird who took this bite - it would obviously have been the perfect April Fool's joke:) - I got so tired of not spotting any bird taking a bite I thought I would show them how it's done...;)

Poppy Q and Ady, you were right!

I still sit here and spy on the birds though, where are those sweet toothed birds I wonder... I think I just might have to swap the apples for some other bird food, hm.

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