Sunday, May 03, 2009

hooked on apples


I've been eyeing this pretty bird feeder for quite some time now - apparently it is awardwinning that I didn't know, I just thought it was incredibly pretty and pleasing in its ingenious shiny simplicity - and I finally got the opportunity to take two of them home with me.

All my pretty feathered friends - who apparently enjoy to hang around in my garden despite the threat of bird butchers and such - have been slightly grumpy as lately due to the lack of decent food here and now I do hope they'll have a feast.


The designers behind this sweet little birdie thing inn brass are two young Swedish women, who have some lovely and versatile designs in their portfolio, from quirky and fun to thoughtful and caring for the difficult times in life we all have to go through. Check out Ahnlund Karlén's website - which also is a really nice, light, tasteful, no frills, easy to navigate one - for more information about their work and retailers.


~ Welcome all birdies who are hooked on apples, red or green, to my garden. I promise I'm a kind hearted Snow white rather than a poisonous stepmother ~


P.K said...

an interesting contraption, does it work?

Pia K said...

Well, P.K, admittedly I haven't watched the hooked apples all the time since I hang them, tomorrow I plan to venture out there and inspect the apples for beak marks. Hopefully there'll be some.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Pia I think this is a splendid idea and as you said it looks pretty good too. Some birds can hang on to anything with their tiny claws. I hope it works. Here I could hook a Banana for the Bananabirds and for the Lorikeets! They are used to hang on to fruits or blossoms.I must google if they are available here.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful bird feeder! Lucky birds.


Ady Grafovna said...

This is adorable! I am curious too to know if the birds like it.

Pia K said...

Isn't just, Titania, simple ideas often are the best and being pleasing to they eye, all the better.

Thanks, Paz!

Thanks, M Ladybug, I have to say I haven't seen any birdie action on the apples yet, perhaps I need to make some tiny holes and hide some seed in them...:)

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