Friday, May 15, 2009

applehook report # 3


Finally! Now even picture proof of the fact that a Real Bird, with Feathers, enjoyed the apple on brass hook! Earlier today I noticed that it was only half an apple left dangling on one of the hooks and then a while later I got the answer as to why - and I feel quite proud that I managed to capture the bird in flagrante, talk about being at the right place at the right time and I even happened to have the camera beside me - a fancy magpie of course.

I realise I'm borderline being a nerdy bird watcher, but this is so cool, and in my own garden! I don't even have to rig out and join hoards of bird nerds, I can still be a closet bird spotter. Blabbing online clearly doesn't count as far as bird nerding goes. Just because I say so.

Clearly the birds appreciate having a comfortable seat when nibbling the apples, the hammock is perfect for that it seems. As the green apple is all gone now - yeah, success - I will move the red apple there and see what happens. Gosh, I feel like I could continue on bird watch duty for quite some time still... This could possibly be the highlight of my week actually.



see the face of a happy magpie ~


Anonymous said...

how wonderful that the birds are enjoying themselves with the unique feeder.


Pia K said...

indeed it is, paz, finally!

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