Thursday, May 21, 2009

garden breakfast

Not the first eating in the garden experience this season, but the first breakfast for me I believe. In garden that is. Not the most sophisticated of breakfasts, but quite, quite lovely just the same ~


Tea with milk (of course), a glass of some yellow fruit smoothie-juicey thing, a dark bread roll with butter, cheese and grated carrots - no meal is complete without carrots. One of those indisputable facts of life - served on a tray that offers inspiration for good ways to spend a day, depending on your disposition, without duties or plans.

Weather cloudy but warm, garden lush, birdies chirping, cats lounging and loaf doggie thinking breakfast is meant to be shared with lesser fortunate on four short legs plus tail wag. Kind of a perfect start to a brand new day. If you ask me.


Heather said...

I love the tray. My friend recently spent his honeymoon in Paris and surprised me when he mailed me Barbalib stuffed toy for Amelia.

Anne said...

Love the tray!!

Pia K said...

What a great gift, Heather! I'd love to have quite a lot of these Barbapapa (as we say in Sweden) stuff, they're adorable and I loved the series and books when I was a child. But alas, not having a decent eye for interior design it would probably just look stupid. And well, money less than well spent for me anyway. But the tray is a treasured treat!

Thanks, Anne, me too:)

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