Tuesday, May 12, 2009

applehook report # 2


Finally, see, a bird - the chirping kind with wings, feathers and beak, as opposed to this one... - has made a teeny impression on apple in hook. Since the feathered guests in my garden seem really quite finicky twitters I'm thinking it really must be quite the wrong season to introduce apples as a bird feast on these latitudes. I mean, since the whole Swedish nature is offering a bird banquet for the particular bird, what's an apple on a pretty brass hook in the garden of Pia?

Hence I will wait with my final verdict on the design and idea until winter - which seems awfully far away, I know - a more meagre time, a time when its less prudent to be a choosy wee bird. And then I can mutter, now who is offering a feast, you ungrateful little feathery chirper?


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Very mysterious. Maybe it's the wrong colour apple... ;-)

Kari said...

What a lovely idea. I am going to do this right now
(with a little less style-no brass hook). I will maybe peel or score the apple for ease of the bird. Thank you Pia. You always do such beautiful things

Pia K said...

Oh but there's both a green and a red one, AFoS, finicky wee things they are, really...;)

Isn't it just, Kari, fingers crossed yours will be more of a success than mine! Thanks for a sweet comment:)

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