Friday, May 08, 2009

tin can woman's april

Now that April, thank goodness, is well over with and I have a doctor's opinion that states sinusitis, penicillin and cortisone nasal spray for that - which I'm not too keen on, because I'm really not happy with taking pills or any kind of medicine, but fine a gal has to breath... - I can safely say that April 2009 hands down was, touch wood, one of my worst months ever.

That despite including a long time planned and booked trip, a trip that also unfortunately in many ways turned out to be somewhat spoilt because of this air pipe-nasal thing. Yes, an interesting, thought provoking trip on many levels, but still some days sadly lost. But more random thoughts on that later.

Because having a flu/cold that returns over and over seemingly borderline chronic, but being an overall healthy person adamantly thinking the body should really be able to deal with this on its own and seeing a doctor far from being a thing I find it prudent to do often - and well, let's face it, the doctors at the Swedish district health centers do leave a whole lot to be desired as far as doctoring goes on so many levels, hence making it essential to find a good specialist - it has been wearing me down. A lot. Lot.

In hindsight, well I should obviously have seen a doctor earlier. But I didn't. Seeing a doctor for a cold. Such a hypochondriac thing to do. And I do pride myself in being neither a bacillophobic nor a hypo-ridiculous-get-a-life-chondriac. So I went on snivelling, having fever on and off for the first weeks, so so so sore throat, aching body, dry cough, rattle cough, throwing up because of all that coughing - that at least definitely proves I would so not ever become someone who suffers from eating disorders, it's just horrible, horrible... - waking myself up during the nights because I made such weird wheezing sounds, mouth and throat completely parched - so I suppose lack of decent sleep can be added to the list of grump -, losing both sense of smell and taste - yes it has been over a month since I could completely and utterly enjoy every delicate flavoury detail of a meal - aching jaws and to top it off, eye inflammation. Hooray.

Can't say I'm my usual self yet, far from really, the cough, the snivelling are still with me, dash of eye inflammation too, since the course of medication began only yesterday. My stomach doesn't completely approve of the penicillin - welcome yogurt - but I can actually see the upside of that. At least I can keep the food down in order for it to come out the right way.

My question now is, why did the sense of smell had to semi-return at just about the time I recovered the energy to clean the litter boxes? M is well beyond pleased I can once again muster the litter-box-cleaning-energy, he claims he is off duty for the next four years or so.

The ear-nose-throat-specialist I saw - which I went to a few years back when the usual dabblers at the health centre hadn't done their job when I got a serious otitis - is really a feisty, fun lady and that appointment quite deserves a post of its own. And I promise such a post won't be full of (well deserved!) self pity and graphic ailment details. Because isn't that just one of the worst things to hear, read about, other people's illnesses? I mean, like if someone could be bothered to listen, to read, to care? *Irony clause 1 §*

Now I'm so planning to have a peaceful weekend, hopefully be able to enjoy a bit of sun and a dash of garden work. I also hope I will feel my creative spirits arise again, because I have had so many ideas for new projects as well as a few commissions - that will even involve the sewing machine, not my bestest of friends despite Brynolf - but the true inspiration, not to mention energy, has surely shone with its April absence.

The decline of this house and home this past month has also been rather... obvious - apart from the outdoors pansy part of course - when I muster that energy for boring-must-tasks - I suspect the litter cleaning box bit will absorbing most of that slowly returning energy for a week or so - this house will once again be spick-and-span ready for those glossy interior design magazines that stands in a line of awe for an exclusive interview. *Irony clause 2 §*

So now, almost over and out, into the pleasures of sunny garden, from tin can woman. The one who sounds like she's speaking inside a tin can. The one who doesn't even faintly remember how she usually sounds. Poor thing, I do believe she might deserve some nice baking of sorts. If only to celebrate a slowly returning sense of taste. Not to mention it is finally May, glorious May.

Have a lovely weekend, keep healthy, keep safe, keep happy ~



Ady Grafovna said...

I hope you regain all your senses soon so you can enjoy the lovely garden more. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon! I can't wait for May either.

Poppy Q said...

I hope the germs disapear soon Pia. Have a nice weekend, we hope you get some sunbeams in the garden.

Pia K said...

Thanks for your well wishes, Ady, sweetnesslight and Poppy Q!

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