Thursday, May 21, 2009

björk & berries deodorant

Even if I like to think so, admittedly, I don't always smell like sweet roses. As crazy as it may seem - and I must say I feel very brave to admit the things I am about to admit online, is there an award for this type of candidness? - sometimes I do need help to maintain my spick and span image of infinite freshness. I use deodorants.

There I said it. Gosh.

My latest sweet, sweet fragrant experience in the world of deodorants - of which I'm a most discerning user hence finding an alarming amount of them being nasty crap - is a new product from lovely Swedish company Björk & Berries.

The deodorant comes in, so far, two fragrances, one of them being one of my favourite Björk & Berries heavenly fragrances, lingonberry rose. It contains only natural ingredients - one of them being eco certified cotton oil apparently, a new ingredient to me - and no alcohol. So far I've used it once, it felt quite lovely, both scent-, feel- and deo-wise. I do believe I'm pleased.


The other fragrance is cloudberry jasmine. Not a favourite fragrance-series of mine, but the deo had a rather nice, discreet scent.

A whole new scent family has also been semi-launched, raspberry blossom. Hand and body souffle and sugar body scrub. I had a sniff, raspberries being my favourite fruit-berry, oh my, heavenly scent! It went straight to the top of my wish-to-get-list of skincare products.

Björk & Berries beautiful website, now also in English, has curiously enough not been updated with neither deodorants nor the raspberry-series yet. If you want a close encounter with these amazing products and live in Stockholm a few of them can be found for example at Åhléns and NK. For other retailers see the website for contact information.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I'd like to try this.


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Pia, all of them sound delightful and rsapberry is my "nearly" beside passionfruit, best scent ever. Cotton oil should be certified organic as cotton crop is heavely sprayed with insecticides.
Many farmers suffer from cancer due to spraying cotton. They usually spray at night(perhaps windstill) The farmer would stand outside with lamps to direct the pilot in the plane who did the spraying. Naturally he would be soaked in insecticide.

Pia K said...

You know, Paz, I can definitely think of a neat trade we could do involving this product...:)

Oh I know, Titania, it is beyond awful, for both workers, animals and the long term effect on nature. It's strange to think about all those years we didn't know about cotton and the way it's grown, always just thinking that cotton is a good, natural material...

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