Saturday, May 30, 2009

on the verge of june, part I


I may not be the world's best garden weeder, but I have been known to now and then weed my old photos - as old and tired hard drives give major paws up for that - my latest endeavour has brought me to July 2008. And since pictures never lie - well, of course they do, but not in this case I'm sure - I can safely ascertain that the Stockholmian spring season was about 3-4 weeks earlier last year. Lilacs, tulips, dandelions and so forth, way over and done with by now, last year, almost the same with both peonies and rhododendron. I'm quite pleased we can still enjoy some sweet abundance of these beauties still, this year. Exquisite shades of pink, things don't get much prettier than this...


More glimpses of Stockholm on the verge of June, 2009, as follows ~


Lazying with dog or playing ball in Vasaparken, that is the question (I totally know what my choice would be) - in one of the houses to the right lived writer Astrid Lindgren


Splish splash, more fun in the sun, sweet looking daisy fountain at Norra Bantorget


A fraction of a whole lot of geese at Djurgården


Kaknästornet (cake nose tower) glimpse on a rainy day (and really, can anyone make sure that the house to the right move asap to the garden of mine?)


Too salty potato leek soup at Rosendal Garden Café, but the bread was divine (so thought the birds), the place and the company kept quite quite decent too


A bit of tulip diversity still at Rosendal


Behold the golden chain tree gate to the not so secret garden of Rosendal on a rainy day


Anonymous said...

Lovely scenes. Too bad the soup was salty.


Anonymous said...

What some beautiful photos! Thanks a lot for sharing them and please let me invite you to have a look to my blog is you like:

Pia K said...

Thanks, Paz, sometimes I feel there should be a glitch somewhere during an otherwise perfect day in order to truly appreciate all the other things, I guess the soup was such a glitch.

Thanks, Juan Miguel!

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