Tuesday, May 26, 2009

new-ish hair

Not exactly a world turning brand new hair cut for me, but just what I wanted (needed) and I hereby want to share the fact that I seriously dig the way the refreshing, cut, dash colour and, above all, the styling turned out today.


As one might have guessed (by now), I'm equally non-digging when it comes to taking pictures of myself, so this is all that'll be shared as far as photographic evidence goes. Trust me when I say it looks way better in mirror or irl than on photo. But the lilacs do make an awesome backdrop, don't you think.

Now there'll be two-three days of immensely enjoying the style - which by the way is spot on how I looked when I was seven years old and had my school photo taken, my mother finds it highly amusing - before it's hair wash time. And since I'm neither as talented nor as patient as hairdresser there won't be any seriously groovy flat iron styling going on with new-ish haircut after that. Most probably there'll be a a lot of tulip with family scarves going on hairwise instead.


For now though, I am so very pleased with the way it looks. Always seven years old at heart.


Poppy Q said...

Your hair looks cute Miss Pia.

Don't worry, in most of my twenties I had the same haircut as my doll I got when I was five. She came with beautiful ringlets, but my DAD gave her a haircut, into a nice 70's shag cut. One day sitting next to her, I realised I looked the same as her, and decided it was time for a change in style.

You rock the red streak Miss P.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. ;-)


Pia K said...

Thanks, Poppy, and also thanks for sharing that fun hair cut story:) The reddish streak was actually my natural colour as a child, with age sadly the hair grew darker, so with annoying grey hairs (which may look fantastic on some, but definitely not on me) and having to do some covering up of them I can at least have a bit of a colour streak here and there...

Ha, thanks, Paz:)

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