Thursday, May 07, 2009

the mounted royal guards parade


As an independent thinking, peaceful person who believes in diplomacy and dialogue and non military inventions I do not approve of (old) military traditions and parades. In general. (No pun intended.) I do belive that there is an infinite amount of more prudent, wise things to pour both money and resources into.

Add to that most certainly not approving of royalties and monarchy either. Because inheriting a title and a post by blood and not acquiring it by aptitude, intelligence and work is just. Plain. Wrong.


Having said that I can't help but be quite smitten by the wonderful horses in the Swedish Mounted Royal Guards (Beridna Högvakten) parade. The march through the inner city with a military band usually takes place only during the summer months from May to August, around 11.35 am, more information here.

So granted, I must say that this specific military parade is well worth seeing, just because of the beautiful, amazing horses which without fail bring tears to my eyes every time... Just look at that gorgeous kettledrummer horse!





Edit - you can visit the Royal Mews on a guided tour. I've heard from a reliable source that it is a close to outerworldly experience of cleanliness and comfort for the horses. How sweet and well deserved.


Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Smitten yes,

by the pretty horses nd the men in uniform ON the horses.


Pia K said...

Well, myself I totally lack that peculiar fond-of-men-in-uniform gene, so you are welcome to them all, Kay;)

P.K said...

as you were commenting on the yes beautiful horses, my attention like Kay's was on the dashing riders.

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, well then,
you have to share, P.K...:)

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