Friday, August 13, 2010

friday the 13th dress

summer dress

I'm planning to have lots of unpretentious fun in this on-sale-at-silly-price summery dress these remaining shivering weeks of summer - officially it turns autumn here when September starts, but these past years we've had fantastic weather all through October so I'm sure summer will stretch a bit more than those measly weeks - I found today

while having a pit stop at a local water hole during a Malte walk, a water hole that not only offers drinks, cakes and such but clothes shopping and interior design bits and pieces for those who so wish - the silly price sale was due to one of the removable (and rather useless I'd say) shoulder straps missing.

The dress is really stretchy in the back and fits well without straps. If I'd like me some straps it's such an easy job to make something creative instead of the not-very-useful-or-pretty looking one that dangles there by itself.

The dress can also be used as a skirt. Well, now how's that for nifty?

So nothing frightening about dress. Or weather. However we did experience a bit of a scareon this Friday the 13th -
a date which I've never had any such feelings of or happenings on before - when we made our way home.

omeone very stupid had discarded a very large sausage in a bun in the grass - tell me a dog who doesn’t like a sausage in a bun and I’ll tell you a dog who’s lying his fur off – before we knew it the Loaf had almost swallowed it whole and was choking. It all happened so very quickly and luckily he managed to upchuck it himself. And then of course wanted to turn back for more.

ut I’m sure the fact that he happily shared carrots with me without any choking incidents when we got back home made him realise how sensible a vegetarian diet is on so many levels. (Yeah right.)



P.K said...

Choking dogs are quite a problem, I am glad it all resolved naturally. Miss M was a food hunter for discarded sandwiches, it was awful. Carrots and cucumbers just don't compete.

Pia K said...

i've never experienced this before, suppose that's a good and unusual thing then. hope to never do again, p.k. great that your miss m behaves in a healthier way these days:)

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