Thursday, August 05, 2010

the 2010 season at hedgehog drop inn

ms/mr hedgie

It has certainly been quite a busy season at the Hedgehog Drop Inn. First spotted a couple of them - although admittedly they are *tad* difficult to keep apart, at least for a laywoman - before we hit the vacation roads.

Then the house sitter told stories of a minor hedgehog invasion in garden - the actual garden where they shouldn't be able to get in because it's fenced in for mainly cats' sake and the poor hedgies who've mysteriously managed to get inside garden before have been fiercely because-they-don't-belong barked at by one Little Loaf -


one or two large ones and two or three tiny ones - when I heard about baby hedgies I nearly cancelled the rest of vacation and wanted to head home instead. Imagine, baby hedgies, that's just dreamy! - whom she had to lift (in towel) back outside actual garden.

They are fed and watered in my passage which runs between my house and the neighbours - a passage which I've been thinking about making something pretty with since I moved in, which is some 10 years ago soon. I guess something pretty can also be feeding hedgies there - which they can reach easily through the iron trellis (hedgehog friendly size) and the shrubs by the walking path just outside house.


When I got home the hedgehog babies must have grown quite a bit with all the good food they've been enjoying here - and I don't think we are the only ones feeding them either - smallish still, but not as fit in you palm tiny alas. Oh I would have loved to seen that...

hedgehog drop inn

Some are more keen than others on the 'must take pictures' feature of this Hedgehog Drop Inn. But really for all the crunchy delights and water they get that must be considered a very small price to pay, please don't scuttle away, prickly my dear.

hedgehog drop inn

One of the hedgies is huge, size of a beaver - well according to M, but he really needs to wear his glasses more - the others are mostly moderate in size. But obviously growing by the day with all the munching going on. It would indeed be great to be able to tell them apart for real, but I can't figure out a decent way to achieve that.

So for now I'm just enjoying the very loud and regular chomping going on in the passageway. And they are quite demanding little fellows too, now gotten used to fine dining and all, now they even demand refills by rattling the bowls.

Nope, no chance of a hollow looking hedgehog in this neighbourhood this season either.

hedgehog drop inn

If you want to read a sweet and sad - I do suggest tissues nearby - hedgehog real life story, have a look at this blog post about Baxter. And keep on reading the comments too, they are sweet.

Previous hedgehog posts (about the real deal and not the ones that end up on jaws of loaf) -

the return of mr hedgehog


Kea said...

They are adorable, so cute! I've never seen a hedgehog in real life, I really don't even know if Ontario has hedgehogs. I'll have to check. My cats probably would have a heart attack if they saw one--lol. I'm sure they wouldn't know what to make of it!

I think it's wonderful that you (and neighbours) feed them.

By the way, what photo editing program are you using for some of your photo borders? I really like the look of them, the "jagged" edges and the white border.

Hawk and Weasel said...

Oh cute-o! My granddad used to spray paint them blue to ba able to count them and keep them apart. Not sure if that's your thing though.

Photobooth Cagayan de Oro CDO said...

awww, how cute! the post processing you did on the latter photos gave them a nice "brush" effect too :)

P.K said...

I like the last photo very much. They do look cute. We do not have hedgehogs here. Raccoons are the major wild life, cute but very very destructive.

Pia K said...

thanks, kea! i read that hedgehogs apparently don't exist on the american continent, i guess that includes canada.

i've answered your border-question in your blog too now, but anyway; 1) the grit-border and most of them i actually make with the photoshop app for iphone and other photo apps, so not on computer.

:: if you have a flickr account and upload your pics there their editing programme picnic is really good (and for most part incl borders free to use).

hawk and weasel, i have thought of putting dollops of different nailpolish on their backs (like one do with pups and kittens to tell them apart) but i don't know...

thanks, photobooth!

thank you, p.k, i'm glad to say that aprt from the pooing bit hedgies are peaceful creatures:)

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