Saturday, August 07, 2010

mintgreen toes

shoe per diem aug 4, 2010

I don't wear much nailpolish on fingernails - it may look great and polished or cool at times, but it most always chips easily and I somehow feel the nails are restrained, like they can't breath properly when covered - but pretty much always have my toenails painted (and on toes the polish rarely chips).

Because summer or winter, looking at bare feet with perky toes makes me happier than looking at them without. I rarely paint them red or pink, that's just to obvious as far as nail polishes go I think, instead I like it green or blue and such usually.

My main nailpolish philosophy is the smaller the bottle the better. And if someone could come up with a pure organic, healthy kind of polish I would be prepared to pay for it. Until then I am so not going to pay any big bucks, because as far as my experience goes expensive and quality definitely don't go hand in hand (oh how pun) when it comes to nailpolish.

... and now, time has come to tell what I aimed to tell. The short story about mint green toes. This green hue is one I rarely fancy, I think it looks kind of tacky. In general. With exceptions. But then I spotted min green toenails on a black woman in Copenhagen a while ago and it looked fantastic. Even if my tanned feet wouldn't match her skin tone I thought it might be a nice colour to try anyway. And I searched, I found and I bought me a cheap wee bottle.

I have to say I think it looks quite fetching. The colours makes me smile, it's summery, fresh and looks great with a tan (I can't see it working so well with winterpale skin).

I rarely wear sandals or open toe shoes - my feet need comfortable, good shoes and such comfort with appealingness rarely comes in sandals - but I did look for a pair of open toe shoes at the fabtastic German shoe sales and I did score. Big time. El Naturalista of course (because they do make my feet very, very happy and these days I just can't have it any other way), same model as the lizard shoes (Rana Tharu) but as a slip in sandal. In pale grey. Very summery, like the mintgreen toes. An oh do they play and walk happily together.

shoe per diem aug 7, 2010, part II


Kea said...

Oh, I do like those sandals, very much! And the nail polish is funky. Very cool.

I'm hopeless when it comes to "girly" stuff like this, don't paint my toes, never have. Actually, I walk so much (it's 5kms one way to work) that my feet are in rough shape. I wouldn't want to draw attention to my toes! But I'm a bit envious of women who have nice feet and who do those feminine things, like wear toe nail polish. And nice sandals!

Titania said...

Hi Pia, the tootsies look rather fetching especially together with your snazzy dress.

Heather said...

I just happened upon this US brand today and thought of you. Not many colors and I haven't seen it in person of course, but I'll be back there soon, so if there is anything you like, let me know.

Anonymous said...

You should come over to toemail and check us out, lots of fun!

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