Wednesday, August 11, 2010

tetris, scandinavian chairs and pastries


Browsing Etsy is most always a dangerous thing. Because the cornucopia of must-haves-and-wants that's Etsy is quite overwhelming. And even if many a thing is quite reasonably priced (rather too reasonably at times actually) and you can find pretty much anything you search for, the lust-for-unnecessary-things-gene is quite tempted when browsing Etsy pages. Thus I try not to browse too much, even if it's darn difficult.

And when I do I usually just make the most of the enjoyable favourite-button. Which allows you to save everything you lust for, dream of in a wish-list. Being a terribly nifty thing to have when you'd like to treat yourself or someone else to something special and handmade. Or when possibly someone asks you what you want as a gift for a special occasion or just because (oh I love those just-because-gifts). Etc, etc.

Being the confessed earring semi-addict I have to say that the things I fell the most (affordable) in lust with on Etsy are earrings. They may be inspirational for making something new myself, but mostly I fall for the kind of earrings that don't fall into that category, the quirky, lovably crafted ones that involve sharp tools, acids and open fires (which is very far from where my talents lie).


Thus two of my recent Etsy purchase have been just that, earrings. The only computer game I've ever fully enjoyed is Tetris - I had it on my very first own computer some 20 years ago, it was great fun and totally crazy addictive so I did stop playing it when there came a new computer in da house - so when I saw the Tetris-earrings in the DayDefyProject shop I found them adorable. As did I the 1950ies style chairs in that era's Scandinavian design, from same shop. Made from brass and I've enjoyed the pairs very much. Their delicate yet rustic handmade and charming looks are adorable in real life too.

Myself I'm not a fan of stud earrings, I like a bit of oomf and dangle in my ears, but the mother loves her earrings in stud-style. And what better place to look for cute ones than Etsy. So two pairs of sweet things made their way here for her recently. One pair of miniature chocolate-banana cupcakes studs and one pair of fruit tart studs made of polymer clay, found in DivineSweetness shop. Once again - remember strawberry ice cream cones and chocolate cake, remember cheese and grapefruit - I'm in complete awe of what people can create from minuscule pieces of clay and paint. If one was a mini midget one would quite possibly mistake these for edible mouthwatering delectables...



Cia said...

Thank you so much for putting up a review of my jewelry work. I just wanted you to know that you are a lovely lovely buyer!!! And that bloggers like you are truly truly appreciated by me =)

hugs hugs hugs!!!!

Zubaidatariq said...


Great blog! well written!
Lovely pictures......... Thanks for sharing this.

John Williams
Zubaida Tariq

Pia K said...

hi, cia, i'm glad you liked! :)

thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words, john williams.

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