Monday, August 23, 2010

moomin scissors


I am exhausted - Mondays seem to very predictably do that to me these days, ah well, at least I will be seeing a very nice Sleep Cycle curve tomorrow morning - thus today's post will be a short one. But perky. As in I've got a brand new pair of scissors. And you don't. At least I can't imagine you having a pair remotely as lovable as mine. Well hello there, Moomin Fiskars scissors, looking mighty fine today.

The Åland kitchen shop sales clerk and I were completely unanimous that this was a must-have, suddenly it was all so very clear that one was in desperate need of a new pair of scissors. And hands of anyone who thinks s/he can borrow it. There is no such thing as borrowing the Moomin scissors.

From now on, every cutting task will of course be a pure and utter joy. I'm sure you will agree, if not scared of sharp objects, that this is one of the most adorable, indispensable thing one might be lucky enough to call one's kitchen's own.


On Åland I also found a most perky dress, that instantly turned me into a Moomin character, someone quirky, perky, flower-powery, happy clad sort of a personal, mad blend of Little My, Mymble and Fillyfjonk.

The dress may appear in blog some time soon. What will return to blog after a good night's sleep is the wearer of said mad, happy clad dress - yours truly, undersigned, me, My-self and I. Tally-ho, ta-ta and goodnight ~*


Lola Nova said...

I am quite jealous of your moomin snips, they are terribly happy and sweet!

Wendy said...

Jea. Lous.

P.K said...

A must have indeed. I so want a pair. Super find.

Pia K said...

thank you, alex, happy scissors indeed!

ha, ha, yes i totally get the feeling, wendy:)

i knooow, i am so pleased, p.k.

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