Sunday, August 29, 2010

nutty necklace


I've had a necklace of this style on my-to-create-list for many years, but never gone from thought to action. When I saw this piece at Växplats Nybyn earlier this year I thought it not only looked lovely in it's polished amber-like style, it was of handmade fair-trade kind and would serve as good inspiration to create.

Unfortunately the proprietor wasn't sure on the name nut that necklace is made of, only that it began with a T. Not that it really matters I suppose, but it would be neat to know. Thus any suggestions from the blogosphere would be much appreciated. Any nutty ideas?

I love its both rustic and delicate look, the glowing sort of yellow colour, the friendly egg shaped centerpiece and its well-made finish. I hope its price - which was from my point of life view very affordable - made a difference for someone who deserves a decent income in another part of the world ~



pärlbesatt said...

Taga-nöt, det är fint det! Skrev en kommentar igår, men datorn var helt ovillig och bara låste sig så den kom inte fram. Såg såna här halsband på Rättvis handel-affär vid Tegnergatan, om du vill se fler. :)

Pia K said...

åh, du är en klippa, pärlbesatt! då måste jag komma ihåg att kika förbi tegnérgatan (inte mina favvistrakter, men om butiken är den som ligger uppe vid tegnérlunden/drottninggatan så blir det bra:)

P.K said...

I like this necklace.

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