Tuesday, August 24, 2010

no thoughts tuesday


I fear I'm sort of out of thoughts today. At least truly long blog-post-worthy thoughts.

It might have something to do with the fact that I was woken up very early (from very deep sleep) by the persistent high-pitched sound of the smoke alarm. That was scary stuff. Not the littlest whiff of smoke to be sniffed though. Thus the cause for ridiculously over-sensitive detector to react may be dust glomerating inside. What, dust, in my furry-purry house, nah...

Or it might have something to to with the fact that it was time for my annual dentist check-up today and it was a much dreaded one -
with the jaw tension issues and all, not the usual anticipated my marathon man-session. When it turned out not being as bad I had thought - but still ending up costing a whole lot of money, surely dentists must be very close to billionaires? - it seemed most of my thought energy of this beginning of week had been consumed by the-fearsome-dentist-appointment-thoughts.

So after the check-up - the *only* things that need a seeing to is a change of an old filling and a fix of a chipped tooth (yup, jaw tension caused) next month - my thought process kind of deflated, went flat and uninspired with a relieved sigh, a puff.

Whatever may be the reason, no more writing than this today. And for my fine shoe per diem moment du jour, the most lucky inauguration of good shoes, head over to just that, my shoe per dentist diem post.

Red they were/are. Add quirky, comfy -
which sadly the previous pair of red shoes never were for my feet -, good quality and they do tick all my shoe-boxes (including the much coveted sale-one I might add) very definitely -


even if, granted, my goal, one day, is to not wear or use any leather goods at all, but that, folks, that is very much another story, for another post...


heidikins said...

Ooh! Those are cute! I love all the straps!


Kea said...

My upstairs smoke detector is wired into the electrical system of the house and twice it has woken me: once due to humidity (I believe) and once a huge, ugly black bug set it off (I saw it scurry into the detector's hole in the ceiling--I had to haul the detector off to get it to stop). The sound it makes is ear-drum piercing and very frightening. So you have my sympathies.

I also sympathize with regard to the dentist, as I hate, hate, hate going. I had my first crown last year, on a molar, and it took months for the subsequent pain and tooth sensitivity to subside. Even today, 14 months later, I avoid chewing on that side because it's not the same at all with the crown. *shudder* So any kind of dental work stresses me greatly too!

After your poor sleep and stressful day, you definitely are allowed to feel flat and uninspired.

But surely those red shoes are inspiring? :-)

pärlbesatt said...

Jag vet ju inget om dina käkspänningar, men vad har du testat emot det? Mina nålsättare har satt nålar i kinderna på mig, mot det, nämligen.

Och röda skor är det bästa! :)

Prixie said...

Lovely shoes!!!!

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