Wednesday, August 04, 2010

the olive apron


In awaiting I get the time to sort out the photos of the fun details that was the Little Loaf's birthday do today - success, but for some odd reason there's just a limited amount of cakes you can put in tummies, my freezer is now very, very full... - I'll give you the sunny apron named Olive. Not named by me, but by her maker, the inventive, creative crafter and very sewing machine competent Tif aka DottieAngel on Etsy, with a most crafty kind of blog (involving sweet chooks too). Olive is also the name of one adorable little sausage dog, of the kind I'm sure Little Loaf would have lots of fun upon opportunity.

It's nearly a year ago since I first saw her, Olive the apron, and it was smitten at first sight. Aprons are such fun as well as useful accessories, and before I knew it Olive was on her way over the Atlantic. Since it was way passed the summery, apron-wearing season when I got her, I haven't begun using her until the barelegged sun stroke some months ago.


A perky little one-size-fits all thing with quirky details and sunny demeanour I've found her most useful. She's delightfully handmade from recycled fabrics such as a vintage pillow case, vintage napkin, left over printed cottons, antique lace and a doily (and one clearly can't have too many doilies in life, right?). And upon arrival she smelled so nice and fresh too, that's such an extra bonus when there are fabrics involved in a buy I think.

So, Tif, we better late than never and hereby thank you very much for sending us such a sunny faced apron Olive, Little Loaf and I ~



Kea said...

That apron looks too pretty to wear!

I love aprons, always wear one when messing around in the kitchen, but I wear the full ones. My mother loves to sew and she's made me all of mine. None as sweet as yours, though!

Poppy Q said...

Hahaha, Miss Pia, we must be twins!! I don't have any aprons from the lovely Tif, but have two doily placemats, one on my bedside table, a table runner and a great wall thingy from her. I LOVE her stuff, and wish she listed more.

Have a lovely weekend sweetie.

Julie Q

pärlbesatt said...

I den outfiten borde du ju komma på makens evenemang för MP, ju! :) Rart! Häromdagen höll jag själv på att köpa ett förklä, fast ett i vit tyll (för 5 (!) kronor på Humana) att fjanta omkring med i höga klackar och leka "french maid". :)

heidikins said...

Oooh, that is lovely! I am totally crushing on the dandelions!


Pia K said...

thanks you kindly, kea!

ha, ha, i know, julie, and yes we are "star sisters" so of course we like the same stuff;)

ha, ha, men varför tänkte jag inte på mp och maskrosorna förrän nu, pärlbesatt! det vore ju förstås hur mkt succé som helst:)

thank you, heidikins, me too:)

dottie angel said...

oh i am thinking that olive the apron lucked out indeedy!
how lovely do look all together!
thank you kindly for such a lovely post about her, i am positively beaming with your words and to know she is so loved...
actually i also loved hearing Julie Q's comment too! yes my empty shelves are letting me down, tomorrow is 'thee day' i sit down and try to rectify the matter with the help of Miss Ethel!
cheerio my dear
Tif x

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