Tuesday, August 17, 2010

yarn shopping


Yarn shopping, well that's one thing to beat any blues, or fill a void or possibly be a good-girl-treat. Or what the heck, who needs an excuse?! I'm a yarn addict and I'm proud of it!

Mini hanks, aren't they just adorablesque? (No I know there isn't such a word, thank you very much, spellchecking, I like it just the same, right?) I wouldn't dream of knitting something with them, for me they will just look peachy in a little bowl and make me happy and inspired whenever I glance at them.


Regnbågen (the rainbow) organic cotton hand-dyed in Sweden, they have the most amazing colours and are reasonably non-cheap. I'm hoping to finish a crocheted scarf (nah, really?) in a foreseeable future with a couple of skeins from this brand, but I thought it would be nice to knit one too. Thinking greenish and violetish would be nice together. Feels like a very calming scarf somehow.

The other three hanks are organic tie-dyed cotton yarn, I'm thinking the very original thought of... ta-da, scarf here too. Because one can clearly never get too many of those. And there are always new kind of edges, fringes and tassels to try out.


The big purple-white hank is actually an acrylic one - which I never ever ever use for knitting proper stuff - but I loved the blended colours and I thought it would be kind of neat to make a little Malte or kitty blanket of, thinking Christmas in August. I now only hope the idiot spelling of acrylic as "arcylic" on yarn label isn't a reflection of poor quality of product. Ah well, at least it will have given me some good hours of yarn-play in front of telly come chilly season.


Kea said...

Those all are beautiful yarns, Pia. I love to knit scarves because they are so quick and easy to do and you can have such a variety of pattern, colour, etc. I donated a lot of the scarves I made, though, because I simply had far too many! LOL.

heidikins said...

Oh goodness, those are lovely.


Pia K said...

oh no way i would donate scarves, kea, one simply can't have too many! ;)

thanks, heidikins!

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