Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the knotted gun on crisp bread


I found this quirky piece of art - the artist had apparently showed his pieces at the prestigious art museum Liljevalchs in Stockholm, but unfortunately I only took a brief look at article and don't recall his name - in a small gift shop in Nora the other week. Caviar (as in classic Swedish sandwich spread Kalles kaviar I presume) art on crisp bread (Swedish "knäckebröd"). Fridge magnets or key-rings.

There were different appealing motifs, but as I've always loved The Knotted Gun (and what it stands for) by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd - the non-violence sculpture, which he made after his friend John Lennon was murdered, can of course be seen outside the UN-building in New York, but also in various places in Stockholm, other Swedish cities, Berlin, Cape Town and other cities all over the world. Reuterswärd is also the man behind the pig sculpture in my hood - I felt that it was a rather obvious choice for me in the end.

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