Thursday, August 19, 2010



Smultronställe. One of my favourite words in Swedish, literally meaning " places of wild strawberries", figuratively "lovely little spot" or "hidden secret place" (because it isn't necessarily a place you'd like to share with others, just your favourite, your own special site). I love smultronställen, I love the idea of them, hidden or not.

Do you have a favourite Swedish word? And why?
Or of course an English one?
Or a word in any language?

One of my favourite English words is "serendipity". I do adore what that stands for, and it's such a perky, happy kind of word, much like it's meaning.


Kea said...

"Serendipity" is great word. "Smultronstalle" is a mouth-full for this English-only speaking Canadian. LOL. I imagine it has a lovely ring to it.

One of my favourite English words is "wend." Wend one's way through a forest path. Wending one's way. I have no idea why the word appeals to me so much, but it does, both the sound and the meaning.

I like "blessing" too. Not in the religious sense, but in the trans-religious, spiritual meaning--as I use it. And Light, also in the spiritual sense. Harmony, Joy, serenity, bliss...those, too, are lovely words, for their meaning. I've always liked Namaste too! I'm sure there are many other words, if only my brain would kick into high gear and think of them. :-)

heidikins said...

I am in love with that Swedish word. Now if you could tell me how to pronounce it that would be awesome. ;o)

My favorite English word is Eleemosynary [el-uh-MOS-uh-ner-ee] adjective, charitable, giving of alms.


Zara said...

Aw, this Swedish word is truly lovely. Cannot speak any Swedish so I will go with my fave English word: pomegranate.

Wendy said...

That IS a beautiful word.

My favourite English word is "bubble". I love to say it.

My favourite Scottish word is probably "driech". It sounds just right.

And Swedish... I don't know. I used to love saying the name of the beer Pripps Blå though!

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