Friday, August 06, 2010


Apart from a few mentions of Midsomer Murders, documentaries and some brilliant Danish suspense series I rarely find televisions series worth the writing of blog. Oh yes I do watch a handful of them regularly, and yes I enjoy some immensely and find others quite entertaining, over the years I've had a lot of favourites. I'm just not the kind of gal that likes to blab about the latest episode with co-workers or feel the need to share my television series opinions on the blog. I find that completely and utterly boring. And somewhat pointless.

Like with music I'm quite satisfied with my own interpretation and enjoyment of this and that series and feel absolutely no need in sharing my opinions with others. Somehow I feel the enjoyment of television is a solitary treat.

That said. I watched the last episodes of "Lost" today (I recorded them and have been putting the actual watching off, because, silly or not, after six seasons it just felt sad to say a final goodbye...). One of very, very few long term TV-series that has been able to capture me for so many years.

I've enjoyed the multi-layered show that has been "Lost", the characters, the questions, the few answers, the actors, the setting, after all this time one had quite the expectation on the very ending, most every question to be answered, the final tying of all the ties, the end.

Ah well. It wasn't like that, oh no. Still not sure what I think about the very ending. It felt very anti-climactic, not very clever - even if they certainly managed to raise even more questions in the usual Lost-style, than giving answers - and rather dissatisfying. The easy way out, let's get it over with, a bitter aftertaste, an unpleasant tang of sloppiness perhaps.

Admittedly I did bawl my eyes out over the end scene with Jack and Vincent, the dog. But other than that, I had anticipated more. The ending left me feeling melancholy, not in a good way (as one sometimes can) but confused, sad and disappointed.

And suddenly I wonder what the guy who left a necklace behind would have thought about the way Lost ended...

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