Monday, August 16, 2010

granny square footstool cover


Yes, now and then I do go from start to completion in a reasonable time with my thoughts, whims and creative ideas, as in summery granny square garland the other week. My obsession with format continues, this time I went super size. And all pinkish hues, part new yarn part recycled. One, two, three, four, five squares completed.


Put together and made into one, if I may say so, rather pleasing, ta-da (as if the blog-title didn't give it away already)...


footstool cover

A footstool is just the thing one needs while sitting in lavender chair (formerly known as the Moo chair) or violet stripey chair crocheting more squares in front of telly. But the existing cover was just so incredibly... soul-crushing really, so I quickly decided it needed a perky new one.


Little Loaf is, as usual, really excited about finished result. I'm certain the kitties are too, but the stool will be used and seen only when I'm around to supervise and keep insidious claws away from stool.

I'm sure we will share many a good evening in front of telly come autumn, come winter, come yarn and swirling notions of projects to finish. One day.



Kea said...

That's lovely! Very creative; I'm so impressed. I have no idea how you find the time for your creative endeavours, travel, the photography and blogging, never mind working. You are Super Woman! LOL.

Maybe one day I shall learn to crochet. At long last. Maybe. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh så fin! Och din engelska är så njutbar också!


Poppy Q said...

The footstool is great, so cute and pink and we love the last two pictures. So sweet Miss Pia.

Zubaidatariq said...


nice blog to read! The footstool is great, so cute and pink..That's lovely! thanks for sharing this.

John Williams

Pia K said...

thank you so much for a sweet comment, kea! oh no i'm no superwoman, i just try and find time to do things i love, that gives me strength, good vibes, good times to not dwell on the stuff that's no good in my life.

tack, snälla, rara, pärlbesatt!

thank you kindly, julie!

glad you liked it, john williams and thanks for stopping by.

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