Saturday, August 28, 2010

växplats nybyn


Växplats Nybyn
is literally translated as Growthplace Newvillage, which certainly is a fine kind of name. For a fine kind of place. As this very much is. An organic nursery, garden, shop, café with mostly organic and fair trade goods and food. I only discovered it quite recently, but I am quite smitten.


The place is lovely, very lovely. Unpretentious, lush, natural the grounds stretch over a vast area of rural landscape. A relaxing countryside haven.


There are herbs, roses, medicinal plants, ground covers,


scents, granny plants, vegetables and


there is self-picking of flowers.


There are geraniums,


butterfly plants and


secret places.


Situated some miles outside the town of Norrtälje, some 60 kilometres north of Stockholm, it certainly is easiest to get there by car, even if there are some buses that will take you a good part of the way. Open May-September.

In the café you chose your own coffee cup from a table of odd ones, opt for a nice cake or organic ice cream, then take your tray and



sit outdoors on the veranda under grapevines,



in garden or inside the greenhouse.


If you're a member of certain charitable organisations you get reduced price on the things you buy - though I'd say that the prices in general there are really very, very affordable anyway. But a good way to show you philosophy of life of course.



Today it was squash day at Växplats Nybyn - as in the cooking of courgettes, nothing more violent than that - and we got to sample some lovely food (vegetarian only, which certainly is an extra plus in my book)



Food was excellent and I got some nice recipes and ideas to turn into dishes to come. A stroll of garden, sniffing of scents, enjoying of ambiance, shopping of herbs, vegetables and picking of flowers in fields of colourful abundance.

Which turned into a perfect a shoe per diem moment for the last weekend of summer ~


Kea said...

You find the loveliest spots, Pia, with such wonderful scenery -- and food! I so enjoy your posts!

Why is it that places far from home seem more enchanting? :-)

Poppy Q said...

Miss P, I am jealous of your lovely summer weekend in your cobalt clogs. Looks like a great place to visit with scrumptious food.

Lola Nova said...

What a beautiful place! I would love to stroll through and sit at the cafe! Wonderful photos!

Titania said...

Pia, looking at the gorgeous pictures, I agree this is a wonderful place after my own heart. I love gardens/nurseries like this; The enthusiasm to create something where people love to come and browse for plants and even have a tasty lunch!
Thanks Pia for visiting me on Lavender and Vanilla, I had to have a change for a change!

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