Friday, August 27, 2010

the last summer weekend ~


Sigh worthy is the fact that despite sunshine there was a distinct chill in the air today… Even if one can hope for many glorious Indian summer days to come, there's no denying that this weekend is the very last one of the summer that was.

It makes me sad, not that it hasn't been a wonderful fantastic weather (if far too hot at times) experience replete one, but saying goodbye to yet another summer that will never be again, that always makes me rather heavy-hearted and filled with melancholy.

By this time next week we’ll have said a final goodbye to summer past, hallo autumn already

So do have a lovely last summer weekend -
or I suppose, winter weekend for some... - I hope you're able to make the most of it, celebrate the long and gorgeous summer that was and bear farewell with some special treat of choice. I know I will.



Kea said...

Yes, I, too, am mourning the passing of summer. Labour Day is the 6th here, and the students will be back in class after that. So soon....And since I really loathe winter, it seems it will be a very long and very dark time before we see Spring and summer again.

But such a lovely spot you have to enjoy the last weekend! It looks like heaven on earth to me.

Anonymous said...

Love that little calm boat...ahh another summer is winding down indeed...

Pia K said...

thank you both, kea and toemailer!

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