Thursday, August 12, 2010

little loaf's birthday garden party


Before birthday do took place the cupcakes and cookies where duly inspected by inspector Knut He was most pleased by their looks, smell and taste.

birthday baking and knut

Let the frosting of cupcakes begin and the party start, time to recapture Little Loaf's 7th birthday party;

granny square garland

swirling rainbow air balloons,


there were seven kind of cupcakes/cookies, namely


oatmeal toffee cookies - delicious

orange polenta cookies

orange polenta cookies -
always most pleasing in texture, flavour and looks


triple chocolate cookies - mmm


beetroot hazelnut cupcakes -
heavenly, my favourites of the four served.
Now I just need a proper pastry bag for the frosting
which was suppose to be a rose-like thing...


courgette cupcakes -
not only cute, but good enough to eat


banana cinnamon sunflowerseed cupcakes -
quite delicious but for the frosting that was way wrong


strawberry cream -
strawberries, ricotta and mascarpone,
loved by some but not me,
though fun to make and cute to look at


the was treasure hunt for hidden presents


and opening of treasures -


a green bone and a happy pig -
at least before loaf dog jaws got a grip

little loaf and squeaker pig

There was tea, Berliner Weisse, good company, yes all and all a pretty awesome 7-years do, for all beings involved. As well as for freezer which is very full of cupcakes and cookies that were quite impossible to consume in one Little Loaf's day.


Anne said...

... and where was our invite?! It looks amazing! :)

pärlbesatt said...

Snålvattnet rinner till när man tittar på bilderna! Tycker du kan bjuda hem mig och prata skriv- och foto-projekt istället... ;)

P.K said...

What a wonderful party! An exuberant profusion of sweets. Birthday boy looks very happy.

Poppy Q said...

Awww looks like Malte had a fabulous birthday party. He looks so happy with his pig!!

Pia K said...

ha, ha, well, maybe next year, anne! thanks:)

ah, jag ska tänka på saken, pärlbesatt, foto-bok-projekt-kakkalas, det klingar inte så illa...:)

thanks, p.k! yes i think he was quite pleased with all the attention he got.

thank you, poppy q!

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