Sunday, August 15, 2010

august beauty

Since it's been 10 months since last post of skincare ~ beauty products and such this post will be quite a lengthy one I suspect (and if you're not the least bit interested in skincare and scents, well then you might as well skip this post and be most welcome for a completely different post tomorrow). Ah well, procrastinating can obviously come back and bite you like that.

As will the fact that I really very much must scrutinize the table of contents in the products I buy from now on to see of they contain palm(oil) derivate, because using products containing that is simply not acceptable from an animal (orangutan) welfare and environmental point of view. About high time do the walk and not just talk the talk. That I haven't been more careful and always read the labels properly fills me with shame.

Bottles already bought, that may contain palm derivate that wait on the bathroom shelves, will of coursed be used up. But never bought again.

I also have a list of companies I need to e-mail and ask why they use palm derivate when there are many good options with less devastating impact on wildlife and nature. The more I read lists of contents the more upset I get. because if the palm derivate came from sustainable sources why not make it very clear on packaging?

That said, and head promptly bowed in shame for above reasons, here the products I've used since last -

facial cleanser - philosophy purity made simple. a gift that contains good stuff. unfortunately i don't like the clinical scent and i feel it dehydrates my skin with its cleansing features. nope not a product for me.

yes to carrots c is for clean gentle exfoliating cleanser. i've been using it 1-2 per week and more often than not i've experienced the kind of rash you get after a good deep cleansing facial treatment. it may work well for other skin-types, but i think it's a bit too much for my skin and i won't be buying it again (not available in sweden so even if i'd like to i can't see it happen anytime soon anyway).

face scrub - korres pomegranate cleansing scrub. love the fresh scent. good scrub, makes skin feel soft and revived, small dollop goes a long way. sadly contains palm derivate (written in ridiculously tiny text), will not but again.

face toner - kiehl's cucumber herbal. alcohol-free. i use it when i can't be bothered to wash face properly or just to refresh on a sticky hot day. i find it tad drying and boring though. and i can't see me getting another bottle.

face cream - korres 24-hour wild rose moisturising cream spf 6. smells wonderful. has been kind and reviving to my skin. does however sadly contain palm derivate. need to look for another good face cream as this bottle only has few dollops left.

thann rice extract moisturizing cream. smells lovely (as products containing rice bran oil seems to do), feels good and kind on skin. sadly contains palm derivate.

:: shampoo - kevin murphy luxury wash for thick coloured hair. of all the pretty colours bottles i got stuck with this boring beige one. small bottle, full of organic stuff, darn expensive, not very long lasting, it doesn't impress me as i think it should. doubt it will be repeat buy.

ul mitchell color care color protect daily shampoo. i like this one, smells nice, cleanses gently, is kind to hair, long lasting thus reasonably priced for a big bottle. yes, will buy again. soon.

aussie skip-a-step 2-in-1. i've always been highly sceptical when it comes to shampoo-conditioner in the same bottle. the features one look for in respective product are so different that i can't see how they could be accomplished in one product. and no i can't see that in this bottle either. bought on a whim in uk some years ago, smells divine of australian custard apple, cleanses well but does absolutely nothing as far as conditioner goes. i use it with the

leave-in-conditioner - paul mitchell lite detangler. far from as great as original the detangler, very average as far as my hair is concerned. i wanted a leave-in-conditioner (for the days when you really want to stay in bed some 10 minutes more and save some shower-time) and as i've been quite disappointed with my try-something-new-in-haircare-products-experience recently i went for a brand i knew i like in general. i used this product ages ago and couldn't remember if i liked it or not. now i can at least safely say (and try and remember) that it won't be on any all-time-favourite list of mine. not a good detangler.

conditioner - paul mitchell the detangler. oh my am i relieved that one of my all time favourite conditioners doesn't contain palm oil nastiness when i scrutinized the big bottle i bought past spring! i still have about half the bottle left and i'm loving its amazing detangling features as its longlastingness as usual.yes carrots are good for you. inside out.

korres silk milk conditioner for coloured and chemically treated hair. smells fantastic (like the below mentioned cooling yoghurt gel). shape of bottle leaves something to be desired, due to it's hard plastic and short nozzle i wasn't able to squeeze it with one hand only thus made it non-ideal to use effortless in shower. not very impressed by conditioning features either. unlikely repeat buy.

aussie frizz miracle. lovely thing of strange blue colour (australian blue gum leaves extract). works well both as far as conditioning and anti-frizz properties go. can definitely see myself pay for.

hair styling - sebastian potion 9. this is supposed to be some kind of miracle worker for hair. i thought it would be fun to try with this hot humid strange weather we've been experienced in the northern hemisphere this past summer especially. but. it does nothing for me and my hair. just flattens it down. which is probably the last thing i'd like a caring/styling product to do. i like volume, i like oomf. i find the "a magical idea" text on the packaging very funny though (and untrue as far as my hair goes);

"an exotic trip to the amazon rain forest inspired ...magical cream-gel with renewable and sustainable botanical extracts... the magic 9 are: jojoba seed oil, safflower seed oil, evening primrose oil, sesame seed oil, babassu oil, olive oil, evening primrose oil, rice bran oil, willow bark extract, green tea leaf extract ...wearable treatment, even now it has never been duplicated... magic never is!" hilarious in all its silliness.

phc professional hair care salt water spray. recommended, cheap, award-winning swedish product. it's crap. award-winning or not.

mop c-system texture spray. one of my all-time favourite styling products. smells lovely of citrus, makes hair bouncy, gives good volume. i'm gutted to discover it contains palm derivate.

shower gel - korres hot spiced chocolate & brandy soaked pudding. another shower gel by korres and it is lovely too. foamy, creamy, moisturizing and above all, smells wonderful, comforting, relaxing and, obviously, quite christmassy. i think i'll save the rest of the bottle until winter hits again.

kings & queens queen elizabeth sugar. oh my. oh heavens. this is absolutely intoxicating. what an amazing scent! pomegranate, lotus and malachite extracts is obviously a match made in scent heaven. i love this scent-range. a korres side-kick brand.

bath & body works velvet tuberose. bottle was a kind gift. as much as i completely adore many of b&bw's scents and products this is not a scent that appeals to me, bit too old-aunt-perfumey.

body scrub - korres watermelon. it smells great of just that. as for the natural scrubbing features... nah, not really for me. i like my body scrubs to have more oomfy scratchy scrub qualities. probably not a repeat buy.

sabon tropic. smelled lovely, but of the salt scrub oily kind i can't stand. even if it was available in sweden i would not get another one of that pretty jar.

soap - the isle of skye soap company lemongrass. love this company's soap. adore lemongrass scent. long lasting, cleansing, good soap. if it wasn't for the unfortunate containing of palm derivate. sigh.

fresh deli cherry treat. smells fantastic! to me more of dogrose-rhubarb than cherry. but nevertheless, fatatsic. foamy, cleansing, long lasting, uplifting, good good soap. they fresh deli soap company keep changing their website address, so i have no idea if they still exist.

foot scrub - good for you. a pumice stone like scrub-oilish scentless soap for feet i got in the wise shop when i bought essential oils (for making my own stuff) last year. not at all sure i'd actually pay for it, but its reasonably nice and softening to use on feet when in shower.

hand cream - bath & body works japanese cherry blossom. another kind gift. which unfortunately contains palm derivate. good moisturising features, but i can't decide if i enjoy its strong scent or not. it is kind of overwhelming and obtrusive.

korres thyme honey. smells great, warm, soothing and sweet. good moisturising and nourishing properties. does contain palm derivate. thus not repeat buy.

hand soap - superdrug fruit burst honeydew melon. smelled fantastic, cleansed nicely.

bliw nyponros & rabarber (dogrose & rhubarb). classic swedish brand that's been around forever. this scent-combination is one of my favourites, fresh and sweet. i've loved this soap, it's creamy, cleansing, long lasting, moisturizing, unpretentious. it does however contain palm derivate. will contact company about that, until then/depending on answer will not buy again.

sainsbury's anti-bacterial handwash. smelled really really nice. creamy, good, basic soap. one of those bought on a whim, load car with soaps i always stock up with when on uk-holidays.

imperial leather green tea and kaffir lime. green tea is one of my favourite scents. so uplifting and fresh. this soap smells heavenly. i would buy again if i could find it.

sun tan oil - korres walnut & coconut suntan oil face & body. not really a fan of suntan oils, it's a bit too human-frying-in-the-sun for me. to be honest i'm not really sure why i went with this one, might have something to do with getting a 3 for 2 deal at korres. i was looking for a good spf, but for some reason the swedish medical products agency has yet to approve zinc oxide ingredient in these types of spf products, so i went ahead and tried this one instead.

admittedly i haven't used it much, to lie in the sun trying to get a tan is not much on my agenda no more (ah remembering the 80ies, when we were actually competing in who got the deepest tan after school holidays...) but it smells heavenly of all the great herbs it contains. sadly it does contain palm derivate. shame on me again. the due by date is very short, i will try and finish bottle as more of a body and moisture oil than a tanning oil. and i will not buy it again.

sunscreen spray - kiehl's for kids face & body spf 30. one product in a 2 for 3 sun-products offer i bought last summer. i've used it this summer and i'm not a fan. i can't see why a spray on watery lotion like this would be better than a proper creamy cream. for kids or not. and as far as spf goes, i don't think it does its 30 spf-job well at all. i've had slight cases both irritated skin as well as real flaking. i don't do that. but apparently my skin has this past summer. i really like the kiehl's usual sun cream, next summer i hope i can use a tube of that instead.

body milk - korres vanilla cinnamon. i don't like the "warm woody pulsation" scent in this. (bought in athens during my tin can woman period, thus i relied on m's olfactory senses and not my own). good as far as moisturizing features go, but sadly another product containing palm derivate. will not buy again for those two reasons.

korres aloe vera. when i began using this "ideal after sunbathing" body lotion i didn't like way the scent came through when on skin. too much of a hint of musk (which i can't stand). good moisturizing features but sadly containing palm derivate (i have to say i'm so disappointed with korres, appearing as a healthy-good-for-you-organic-environment-caring brand, for this general palm oil using). which to me, admittedly a chemical layman, seems superfluous with all the other oils and essences it contains... thus will not buy again.

korres after-sun cooling yoghurt gel. it smells absolutely fantastic (like the above mentioned silk milk conditioner), cools nicely (even if i haven't burnt in sun) and works even better if stored in fridge and moisturizes well. not sure i'd buy it again though, because somehow the yoghurt in face and on body bit puts me off...

body butter - kings & queens queen elizabeth sugar. that heavenly alluring scent again. oh how i love. good body butter qualities. but darn it, it does contain palm derivate (the text on bottle i hardly visible)

:: body mist - yes to carrots pure c moisturizing mineral mist. i really enjoyed this bottle. a quick refreshing and moisturizing feeling for those days one can't be bothered with body lotion.

body splash - bath & body works cucumber melon. the finest of gifts. one of my all time ever super-duper favourite scent and body care products. i love, love, love the scent and its moisturizing properties. i'm so sad the bottle is finished. though i now fully enjoy another one of their great scents as a kind gift

sparkling peach. this scent was my first encounter with bath & body works, in prince's street edinburgh in the mid 90ies (when b&bw still had shops in europe). i love it still.

deodorant - nuxe tonific 24hr protection alcohol-free. smells great, sweet and citrusy. but it's lousy when it comes to anti-perspirant features. will not buy again.

talcum powder - johnson - johnson penaten baby. something cheap i picked up in berlin. good for a cooling feel in hot weather. faint scent.

lip gloss - benefit kiss you. i've bought a few benefit products over the years when abroad (don't think they're available in sweden...?) but i've usually been less than impressed by anything than their cute packaging. this lip gloss i do enjoy though. it smells of lovely of melon-raspberry, it's creamy, dash shiny, with a darkish pink hue more enhance one's natural lip colour than make a statement.

lancôme juicy tube. the medium pink one of the five is empty. smelled nice of, i think, marshmallow. now i'm using the pale pink one, it's nude colour, only gives a nice gloss and smells nice. kind of something candylike, so which one's which of cerise, fraise, lychee, pamplemousse and marshmallow electro i can't tell (and it doesn't matter i suppose). exemplary small sized.

:: lip balm - alba botanica hawaiian passion fruit nectar. this 82% certified organic inggredients lip balm was a thoughtful gift. i love it. smells fantastic (probably too much for some) and leaves chappy lips feeling soft and supple. alba botanica seems like a company with good philosophy and actions.

:: cover cream - babor camouflage cream. felt the need to cover unwanted things up. bought this cheap bottle after a facial treatment. have used it very few times since. don't think it covers things naturally, quite useless as far as i'm concerned. contains palm derivates.

:: mascara - helena rubinstein lash queen mascara feline blacks. despite its snazzy bottle it's just another crappy mascara that talks tosh of wonders and delivers nothing. and contains palm derivates.

rimmel glam eyes black. sigh, another crap one.

lancôme virtuôse black. and no surprise, another promise-lots-delivers-nothing mascara.

nail polish - opi suzy says feng-shui. wonderful blue hue. but as far as chipping goes it's like any other nailpolish and the bottle is really too big to finish. and its pricey. a rare treat.

depend nr 54. the mint green. swedish brand. lovely hue. works well on tanned feet's toenails. exemplary small bottle at very good price.

perfume - escada pacific paradise edt. i still remember some old colleagues who thought this type of scent was very-pia, "you know, i went by the perfume counter at department store and immediately thought of you when i smelled this one so-so". i like that. and i do enjoy this scent. fresh, fruity, flowery, summery, flirty, happy. for those days one need an extra boost of something uplifting. bought it on sale some years ago, have stored it in dark place, decided it was time to use it this summer. have only managed to spray it on a few times, as this humid, hot weather makes me not in mood for perfumes.


Anne said...

Oh I *love* these posts :) And for me Sebastian no9 is pretty darned magical - I love it! But in this humid weather, nothing works very well.

Poppy Q said...

Oh my goodness, I thought I used a lot of stuff. I am trying to simplify and not buy too many beauty products.

My skin has improved dramatically since I started using Dermalogica cleansing gel, and Neutrogena Healthy skin Night Anti wrinkle skin.

You must smell like a fruit salad Miss P, all summery and fresh.

Åsa said...

Oj oj oj, du har visst prövat en hel del Korres ser jag. Jag som var lite sugen på deras ekologiska serie upptäckte just att även den innehåller Palmitic Acid :( Glad ändå att Paul Mitchell (mitt favvomärke för hårprodukter) inte gör det. Älskar också mop c-system texture spray! Vintertid får det ersätta saltvatten som annars är min absolut bästa och oustanding hårstylingprodukt.

För övrigt är jag imponerad över hur många produkter du hunnit testa! Jag är alltid så galet lojal så när jag hittat något som funkar finns det inget annat ;-) Tyvärr har min räddning (utvecklade visst Rosacea för några år sedan) ROC Calmance slutat tillverkas. Vad gäller palmoja vet jag ej men svårt att hitta ngt som inte retar mitt ansiktsskinn.
Det är inte helt lätt det här med innehåll i hudvårdsprodukter. De är ju t ex fulla av parabener också och alla möjliga kemikalier så vad är värst egentligen? Glykol t ex och glycerin som ju finns i de flesta tvålar är uttorkande för huden.
Största köpmissen är att ta den inte helt gröna Marseilletvålen. Den är gjort på palmolja och den gröna på olivolja.

En parentes i det hela är också att detta med palmolja är en stor anledning till att jag inte riktigt gillar att vara vegan (vilket jag var under en period). Många vegetabiliska fetter och veganska motsvarigheter till div mjölkprodukter innehåller ju just palmolja.

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