Friday, November 11, 2011

...and a wee bit of food shopping


During all that talking and walking yesterday - I love reading your comments so far on the topic of friendship, please keep them coming! - we also managed to browse some food shops. Admittedly I'm not much for browsing said shops in general, if I'm not on holiday, then I love it, but it was just really nice to (also) guide an out-of-towner to various delicatessen, vegan and organic shops. I find that often makes me see the things - not only food shops of course - in a new light.

Thus I picked up a few things - some I had on my to-get-list, some she (a former vegan now vegetarian)  recommended -


First stop was little delightful shop "Lakritsroten" (The Liquorice root), specializing in just that, liquorice related things. I'm not a great fan of liquorice as such, but there are a few lovely exceptions of course and I am game to try new flavours.


So there I picked up a bag of saffron-liquorice rusks (from Emmas skafferi, Emma's pantry) - new in shop, I bought the very first bag. Nice rusks, but the saffron completely overpowers the liquorice, as saffron often tends too.


Their own blend of raspberry-liqourice tea - looks grand and smells divine, but sadly it has very little flavour.  Nothing at all like that wonderful flavour-packed liquorice Forsman tea.
I also got a little bag of the actual sweet-root (lakritsrot), that I have yet to try.

Lakritsroten is a very nice shop, but the fact that they charge you extra for a simple gift wrapping isn't one of their nice features...


At vegan shop Goodstore I got some organic pumpkin-ginger rice noodles (King Soba), basil tofu (Taifun) - which I'm thinking will be very nice together -


raw cacao (from Naken, Swedish raw food brand that means "naked") - for a lovely simple raw icecream recipe I spotted the other day -


and almond milk (EcoMil), because I've always wanted to try. Hopefully it's not only an appetizing idea, but actually drinkable too. If not, one can always use it for pancakes.


At minuscule organic delicatessen 8T8 I treated myself to another tin of my new favourite tea brand organic Löv tea - the chocolate vanilla flavour is really nice, not a chocaholics dream perhaps, like the giveaway tea, but subtle and delightful - 


and some handmade organic luxury toffees from Pärlans konfektyr (wordplay in Swedish, literally it translates "The Pearl's confectionary) - love their simple handstamped greaseproof wrapping! My favourite flavours were peppermint and seasalt, chocolate and liquroice were nice, but the crunchy coffee toffee I didn't like at all.

Not a bad day's shopping I think. And overall rather guilt free. Always a plus.


Anonymous said...

very nice purchases. ;-)

Åsa said...

Oh my! Och tänk att jag kånkade hem ungefär samma sak plus mer nudlar och en massa pasta som jag handlade där dagen efter. Köksbordet var fullt igår kväll. Tycker också skorporna mest smakade saffran (vilket iofs var gott) och nästan lite synd på fudgen däri som kom i skymundan.

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