Sunday, November 20, 2011

last week, next week

shoe per diem nov 17, 2011 -

I'm quite enjoying the lists of what-will-I-do-next-week and what-DID-I-do-last-week, keeps me reasonably focused at tasks, instead of dreaming, contemplating and well, procrastinating I suppose... So here goes, ticked off (yayness) of last week's list are;

:: one inspirational fika, lunch etc is better than none - I had to run for the bus one day which that left my calcaneal spur/right heel terrible sore and painful. I managed to hobble myself through that day, but no more out and about walking for the rest of the week. Ah well. That left time for more good pottering at home.

:: yes, a pair of new socks were worn (evidence above)

:: i have baked - carrot cake in a roasting pan, spelt-rosemary breads and lemon pie

:: i made the raw icecream - and also a big batch of the creamy vegetable curry so there's plenty of leftovers for the week to come

:: embroidered all the socks - will show how the red ones turned out in the end tomorrow

:: got a lovely sprucing of hair

:: sold some furniture - have two more ads out this week. Hopefully this will fund the revamping of office space. Fingers crossed.

:: filled a wee bag for charity - yes, I'm adamant to properly fill more this week

:: finally bought paint for the office space - the painting will have to wait a while still, but the paint is close at hand. Me like. A lot, a lot, a lot.

:: enjoyed a full week of no snow - can we make it all through November, can we, can we, please?

Not ticked off last week's list were;

~ befriend WordPress, or well, perhaps it isn't WordPress but my web host that's acting up. Some days I just don't have the energy to concentrate on the mess, the technical aspects don't interest me and when they don't work I just need a break from the nuisance of it all. Will sort this will, yes I will.

~ getting that essential thing done - which is the register of my business' name - dealing with administrative authorities and their little popes, seriously... When it's sorted, one way or the other, I'm going to tell all about the magnitude of stupidity here...

So apart from the things above, for the week to come I'm planning to;

~ rest the foot

~ finish another pair of socks and of course the cowl - halfway now

~ bake saffron rusks

~ and yes, attend a Thanksgiving party on Saturday (the bobbaloos are invited too, how about that!), my first one, I'm hoping and thinking it will be a delight  - well, apart from the poor turkey, I hope I'll be able to completely concentrate on the vegetarian dishes... 

Now focus, focus.


Elephant's Child said...

You achieved a lot. Quite put me to shame. Note to self: must do better.

Prixie said...

I love those socks and shoes! Good on you for being so productive!

Fuzzy Tales said...

You were VERY productive, I'm impressed. Maybe I ought to be making a list too. :-)

BTW, now I'm craving carrot cake, which is one of my three all-time favourite desserts.

Angella said...

*wonders to herself who belongs to the other brilliant sock and shoe combination in picture one...* :)

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