Friday, November 04, 2011

happy november weekend ~


Every day that passes without the first snow is a good day, even though it's strangely (and rather worrying I suppose) warm for the season with temperatures touching above +10 C. It feels like September rather than November. It's lovely (and does wonders for the electrical bill), but odd.

This autumn has, due to the high temperatures, completely lacked the lurid red and deep orange foliage I so adore this time of the year, nature and trees are instead different hues of yellow. But in my garden the ornament tree has shed some red, deep orange leaf and I've enjoyed it very much. It always make for a nice backdrop. This time for things bought on holiday and bobbaloos. Care to guess which destination where fishies are one speciality?

Have a lovely weekend,
with sweet relaxation and joy ~


The Elephant's Child said...

And here I am jealous that you are expecting snow.

pärlbesatt said...

Hittade ett perfekt pepp- och uppiggningsmedel och tänkte på dig! Googla på Keukenhof, och välj Bilder. Tadaa, instant vällust, tycker iaf jag! :)

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