Wednesday, November 16, 2011

post-sock-embroidery daze


Yes, I did finished embroidering the socks yesterday. No make that today actually, since I spent pretty much the whole night doing it. I'm in a bit of a post-sock-embroidery daze. It was incredible time consuming, I didn't think it would be. Had I been thinking about it more beforehand I would of course have knitted the pattern into the socks instead of embroidering them afterwards. But now it's done. And I learnt a lesson. I think they're quite cute, although I'm not completely satisfied with the details.


M made navy doodles (the lad is good at doodles) and from those I created the pattern - that part I am proud-ish of - but it was just supertricky to get every crosstitch even onto a knitted backdrop. But then again, they're not suppose to look like they're machine-made 'perfect', that would be rather pointless. (I'm working on being satisfied with "good enough".)

The actual socks were ready in April, though when summer came, and sore hand, the dealing with wool yarn and knitting wasn't on the agenda. But now finally there's an end result. Hopefully reciever will be pleased.

Me, I'm just very happy to have finished another project, I'm obviously very good at starting them, not quite as good at finishing them completely. Too many half- or very close to finished yarny projects around. Last Christmas was a very good time for actually finishing many of those, I'm thinking this Christmas - which is quickly approaching, gosh, this year called 2011 must be concidered one of the most swooshing by ones I've experienced so far! - will be a good time for that too.


There's a pair of red socks also, very red, very nice hue of red. But I'm still contemplating doing a little snowflake pattern on them. Simple freeform. Perhaps in celebration of the fact that there has been yet another joyous day of no snow. Thus red socks will be presented - by Hefflebaum - another day.


How's your yarn, needle and hook-projects for autumn/winter coming on?


Angella said...

I have a hard time knitting until it snows...and unfortunately, we are still wearing short sleeves and pants. Maybe when the weather changes, I'll be more motivated to knit. Great job on your projects...I love the shade of the red ones. :)

The Elephant's Child said...

V. v. cute.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Congratulations on accomplishing another item on the week's list! Love the socks, very impressed with the embroidery.

I was just talking about things being perfect versus good enough with a work colleague yesterday. There's a quote from Michael J. Fox (Canadian-born actor, has had Parkinsons disease for many years) that he strives for excellence, that perfection is god's business. :-)

Jasmin Please said...


I love everything you make:)
Where can I buy your stuff?
Christmas is coming soon and I know plenty of people that would love some of your socks etc.

pärlbesatt said...

Det har inget med dina sockor att göra, dock faktiskt lite med broderi. Jag läser Allt av Martina Lowden, och tror att du skulle kunna gilla den. Varför kan jag inte svara på.

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hi! Thanks so much for your comment :)
Fab socks! very clever!

Little Brown Rabbit said...

sorry! got the wrong blog!! hee hee you are probably very confused!
but it was lovely to stumble across your blog :)

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