Tuesday, November 15, 2011

raw chocolate icecream


I've had leftover bananas in the freezer for a while and making a smoothie again or bake a cake felt... boring. So I was very pleased when I found this recipe for almost raw vegan icecream (in Swedish) the other day. Only three ingredients, which certainly added to the awesomeness.

Not a great fan of soy milk I went with coconut milk instead (which made it raw icecream for sure) and it turned out... delicious! So simple, so healthy, so creamy, so satisfying and so dairy free, in other words, so many wins. Even if it's not as photo-pleasing to the eye it looks alright 'live' and the flavour way surpass the 'alright' judgement.

As I don't care about the rawness I served it with warm cherries - which of course added some extra delight - I imagine warm raspberries would be wonderful too.

R a w   c h o c o l a t e   i c e c r e a m
2-3 portions

2-3 frozen overripe bananas 

2-3 tbsp raw cacao
a dash of coconut milk

1. Either you a) peel and slice the bananas, put them in the freezer for a while or you b) take the frozen unpeeled bananas from the freezer, thaw them a bit under running, warm water and then slice them.

2. However you decide to do, the frozen slices should then be put in a blender along with the raw cacao - I used the nibs from the other day - add dashes of coconut milk while blending until you get a nice consistency.

Serve immediately.


The nibs weren't completely absorbed in the icrecream but instead they turned into crunchy little bits like crushed chocolate bars. Lovely.

I did re-freeze the icecream leftovers - for some reason there were leftovers - and it tasted okay, but more like sorbet, I'm thinking another whizz in the blender would make it as good as new again.

So ticked of the week-list are now also:
# make raw icecream
# another day without snow
# embroidering of socks (or at least they will be before I'm allowed to go to bed)


The Elephant's Child said...

Mmmm. That sounds wonderful.

Prixie said...

Wow! So simple and easy, not to mention tasty! Thanks, will try this out. And thanks for the translation too!

cecilia said...

Yum! Love raw ice cream.

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