Monday, November 07, 2011

good tea, bad tea


I often judge a book by the cover, because curiously enough I've found that when I love the cover design I also at least 95% of the time love what's between the cover pages - "Special Topics in Calamity Physics" being a perfect example of the love cover, love book thing.

I wish the same could be said for tea. There are so many fabulous looking tea tins, packages, bags out there, but honestly they promise tea delights galore, but sadly more often than not disappoint.

The above teas I have mixed emotions about, cheap tea from a supermarket I just happened to stumble over - the tea, not the supermarket - called Garant (= guarantor, I suppose the name is suppose to toot quality guaranteed). Needless to say I adore the boxes and design!

The pink one is passionfruit-apple flavoured and it tastes just as lovely as the pink design box promises. The orange one is just that, orange flavoured. And tastes pretty much nothing. Sad face over that one. They do have otehr flavoured teas and gorgeous boxes that I hope will be as lovely as the pretty pink one, need to scout for those asap.


Then we have teas picked up on recent getaway - and no it wasn't to London, the Harrods tea was for some odd reason sold at the airport when we caught the flight back home - both pretty in design. Especially the Harrods box, fabulastic design and that apple colour, oh my - and Q heart it lots, since she sees a kindred spirit in every green globe - and the box smells so nice of green apples. For that pricey price, surely it must be really good tea?

Short answer: no. Verdicts range from no discernible flavour at all to a stale aftertaste which basically makes it impossible to drink. Overpriced crap brand tea in a pretty package.

The other to packages where picked up at a local supermarket in "destination so far unknown to blog readers". They tea looks so pretty, simmering in hot water in their see-thru bags, it smells promising and lovely of citrus and spices... But, sadly, they also taste like nothingness. Albeit a cheaper nothingness.

It's odd how remarkably many bad teas there are around for all the few good ones. I'm so glad I found the lövely Löv tea tins and my new best friend the t-sac. They make my daily tea rituals so predictably good, simple and satisfying.

I'm also pleased I obviously have bobbaloos to colour match any tea packaging I lay my hands on.

svart te = black tea, apelsin = orange
gamla söder = old south (söder being a hip part of inner city stockholm)


Fuzzy Tales said...

It's unfortunate the quality of the tea didn't live up to the attractive packaging, but that happens a lot--with "things" and of course also with people (all packaging, no substance or "flavour").

Elephant's Child said...

Good tea is a joy and a delight - but often hard to find.
A fellow blogger swears by these teas
which I haven't yet tried but which do look interesting.

Unknown said...

Everything is all Presentation and Packaging. Whether it be an item we buy or person we meet....It is all in the eye of the beholder! :)

Melanie said...


Unfortunately, that is the way of life, to judge upon appearance. But sometimes the greatest things lie hidden in unassuming packages! <3

sapphire said...

I figured out the best teas come in nondescript, average looking boxes.

I too fall in love with pretty tea boxes, especially the tins you can save, but usually end up disappointed. I do like the Kismi Cinnamon tea but it's really expensive so maybe not worth the price.

But the Garant box is so cute! D'arr!

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