Wednesday, November 09, 2011

knit sweaters for penguins

Sydafrika 2007 499

This made me cry today, but also feeling more than a tad bit awwwness about the people who actually get down to knit sweaters to help the little penguins affected my the massive oil spill (caused by human greed as always...) in New Zealand. Penguin jumpers. So adorable, but for a very sad reason. So if you want to do a good deed with your knitting, this is one of the most worthy causes I've heard of in a long time.

Pattern and more information on how to get the sweaters to the penguins in Swedish

Pattern and more information in English, please read here, here and here

And even if they get a surplus of small sweaters I'm not so wildly guessing there will be sadly more occasions the penguin jumpers will come in use at, at a later date...

Edit: apparently the campaign has been very less than well-organized unfortunately, no need for more sweaters.
Read more here 
*Thanks for the link, Anne*


Fuzzy Tales said...

Oh, the poor penguins! But how wonderful that there are humans with such kindness in their hearts, to help them like this. I wonder if the penguins are okay with wearing the sweaters or if they try to pick them off with their beaks, and so ruin them (and thus defeat the purpose).

Elephant's Child said...

Awful, awful, awful. Hopefully the jumpers will only be on the birds for a very little while until they can be cleaned. As a race we have a lot to be ashamed about.

Anne said...

Unfortunately, this has spread like a wildfire, and isn't actually something to participate in, as good as it sounds. Read about it here.

(They have an enormous surplus, and they don't use the sweaters - it's much better for the penguins to take a hot water bath, and be under heat lamps apparently.)

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