Thursday, November 24, 2011

tired thursday thoughts, the random kind

i det här hushållet för katterna mycket nogsamt filmbok. jajamensan.

There was a teeny tiny li'l glimpse of the sun today. But it's still scary how dark it really must be, given it's almost impossible to take photos outdoors in natural light no matter time of day.

I'm really most tired these days. The lack of energy is almost palpable. And with these days being mostly about waiting for information - being dependent on other people's yes-no-maybe-i don't know:s in order to move on really is most tiresome - getting things signed, practical matters, technical matters, the really boring stuff, I have been watching quite a few movies while knitting (and waiting).

I've been keeping a movie-book since early 90ies - way before IMDB - I still do, I can't stop myself, I do love my lists. So I diligently make notes of actors, director etc etc in the umpteenth movie-book and of course rate them. I still haven't put all the movies I've watched (a few thousands by now) into a neat, synoptical register, I doubt I ever will, but for some reason it's comforting to have it all written down like this.

The most memorable movies (but not necessarily good ones) this past week - and for very different reasons - have been;

:: Videocracy - a documentary about Italy, Italian politics, corruption and the Italian worship of television. I was appaled and sickened. To put it mildly. It really puts interesting perspectives on the now ongoing Italian political crisis. Definitely worth watching. Just be prepared to be outraged.

:: Silent Hill - never played the game, just a horror movie I've recorded once upon a time but never have gotten around to watch until now (there are a lot of those, playing the current waiting game leaves room for through that backlog of movies). I actually enjoyed it more than I had expected. The ending still haunts me.

:: The Women - it wasn't a very enjoyable movie, a rather silly remake of a 1930ies play/movie and I almost couldn't watch it at all when I saw the horrific state of Meg Ryan. It's just so sad how she has maimed her sweet self with all that awful plastic surgery. And that was pretty much the only thing I could think about all through the movie. That trapped somewhere behind that weird looking face hid the real Meg Ryan. That all the actors (females only) in the end of the movie say a few personal words about beauty and she says something along the line of "Real beauty is authenticity" while so obviously not being authentic and real herself anymore. Saddening.

While watching movies I've knitted. The cowl is pretty much finished, another pair of socks too, plus I've begun knitting a pair of Lovikka mittens. But I've realised they're rather tough on the hands, that kind of thick yarn and the size of needles. Plus the sizes seem wonky and very small, I've been forced to unravel them twice and make my own size (and my hands aren't very big so I have no idea how this is suppose to be a man's size). They're pretty quick to make, if you didn't run into these size obstacles, but with them being so hard on hands I think I'll give it a rest for a while. It's not like we're expecting heavy snowfall some time soon - or, well, perhaps touch wood is very appropriate here, it's after all December anyday now, the no-snow-luck might be running out... - ie the need for very thick mittens isn't imminent.

Oh, and while this week has been mostly about playing the irksome waiting game, I've also baked those saffron rusks I planned to. More about them later (they're very nice and easy to make). Now a cup of evening tea and then bed I think. Toodle-oo Thursday, hallo Friday ~


The Elephant's Child said...

Love those cat paws. Lots. Thank you. Furry magic.

Becky said...

If your up for a funny movie, watch "Arsnic and Old Lace" with Cary Grant. It is such a fun hilarious movie, that can make you laugh enough to forget your troubles for a little while.

annsoh said...

Hej vad händer idag :)? jätte fin blogg! Följas via bloglovin :)?

Shaheen said...

Interesting you mention Silent Hill. I had not expected to enjoy it either and really did, so much so I picked up a second hand copy recently and am looking forward to watching it one of these dark evening. It was also the ending that left me with chills.

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