Wednesday, November 23, 2011

first hyacinths


The Christmas season has never much interested me, less and less so with every year - apart from Christmas cards, Ris á la Malta, lussekatter and hyacinths that is. I enjoy these four things that come with the season.

I'm very pleased about the first hyacinths of this season has just begun to bloom. I knew that "lawyers never lose their appeal" and the camera mug would come handy one day. Silly little trinkets have a tendency to do so now and then.

With the weather being similar to a very wet, tiring, grey blanket covering the Stockholm area for more than a week now - yes, I still say horay to every day with no snow, I do - and the lack of natural light being quite appaling, you really have to find little joys that brighten the days.

Like hyacinths and silly little mugs.



Fuzzy Tales said...

Oh, but they're lovely! Wonderfully cheery on this cold day.

We had our first blast of winter today, with hours of freezing rain in the wee hours, followed by 3cms of snow. What a mess. Happily, we're heading back up to 7C tomorrow (we hope) and then into plus double digits for the weekend. But the ice and snow will be here to stay soon enough.

The Elephant's Child said...

I love the hyacinths (and their mugs). Ours are nearly a year away so I am grateful to share yours. Thank you.

Suman said...

Ah, this is all prettiness! Love the camera mug. :-)

Felis said...

Hyacinths are my favorite flowers. But here spring is their season.

Shaheen said...

Hyacinths - beautiful scent.

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