Friday, November 18, 2011

happy cowl weekend


Yes, I'm spending a good portion of a - what the forecast predict is going to be - glum weekend weatherwise with this lurid hank, making a cowl for someone (other than me).

The yarn chosen is bobbaloo approved - worth to mention is that while approving it they also pointed out that really, there aren't any violet, magenta, chocolate etc bobs living in the Scandinavian colony. Demanding li'l woollies they certainly are... -

and I can't wait to get started. It simply screams to be made into something delightful.

Have a lovely, restful weekend all!

"hey, what are you all up to? is it edible?"


Unknown said...

Dog is right.
This is yummy....(^_^;)?

Elephant's Child said...

Can we have a photo of the finished masterpiece? Please.

P.K said...

I enjoy seeing your bobbaloos being so involved in your activities, do they speak?

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