Tuesday, November 08, 2011

yes to carrots etc


I've been a great fan of the Yes to Carrots - and not only because I *suffer* from the carrot defect - skincare range for a few years now. Sadly another fabulous brand not available in Sweden (yet). So whenever on a trip I look for it, always available in Sephora.

So I picked these up at the getaway; the lovely lovely cucumber-green tea shampoo I mentioned earlier.

The three different body scrubs I'm very pleased about. See, I've been searching in vain for good, affordable body scrubs sans oil recently - I loath the far too common oily scrubs, I don't want to feel all oily and unfresh when I step out of the shower, scrubs should scrub, oils nurture the skin afterwards if one feels the need for that. Scrub and oil in one jar is nastiness only, as far as I'm concerned.

Haven't begun using the Yes to Carrots one yet, will save for a special occasion, but the Sephora ones are lovely and unpretentious, smells divine of pineapple-grenadine and strawberry-raspberry. Instant tropical island holiday and perk-me-up (in more than one way obviously) in the shower. Me like.

I'm looking forward to using the body butter, with the cold and dry air we have during winters. I've never been a great fan of really buttery lotions but this time of the year, these past few years of getting older and apparently drier and drier, my poor skin is screaming for moisture (just not the nasty one offered in bodyscruboil jars). So I'm game to try anything new regarding that rather seasonal condition.


What body scrubs do you use?
Perhaps you make your own even?
What's your favourite skincare product/s to use in order to
make your skin feel less dry during the colder time of the year?


Prixie said...

I have never tried this brand. It is tricky for me to find good skin care because I have combination skin.

DahnStarr said...

My all over face and body soap is Double Bar J Goats Milk Soap which is made a few miles from here in a place called Preston, Nevada. Years ago we took my daughter's Girl Scout (Guides) troup for a tour of their place. The girls learned how to brush out the goats wool and saw how the soap was made. The wool is sold to home spinners for yarn and is yummy/great stuff!

DahnStarr said...

Now for body scrub and body butter! I like The Body Shop products. Not so much into the fruit and flower smells but I l.o.v.e. their Brazil Nut! However, I don't use either of them very often. Mustly use them for my feet, hands and elbows. If things get real bad (dry skin wise)then I turn to The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector. It smells...well, bad, real bad but it works great.

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