Sunday, November 06, 2011

last week, next week

the yayness of a MOO package! from @overheardatmoo

On the brink of a new week, I can tick this off my list for the week that went;

~ I did take quite a few pleasing steps towards my new life

~ have spent pretty much the whole weekend revamping and cleaning the office space. And then some. It's such a cathartic feeling, the deciding what to keep, sell, give away or throw away. One should do it more often, but one doesn't. The keeping of good, important, inspirational and pleasing to the eye and soul things only, should be essential. But for all sorts of reasons I don't live like that. Yet.

~ foot feeling tad better, but not completely well, though at least it's doable

~ it was a lovely ladies-who-lunch experience with a new friend at a new place. Both the lady and the place in question (more of later) where very inspirational.

~ baked a couple of things for the freezer and the sweet tummy. Not as much as planned though.

~ obviously the small sized woollies arrived

~ I finished one and a half sock, almost a whole ticking of that list bullet.

~  so did the MOO parcel. It was awesome! Show and more tell later.

~ the root filling happened. Yes, it has been painful (to begin with) and costly (all the way). I hope it's something in my rearview mirror only now.

~ yes, it has been an incredibly glum week weatherwise. But snowless, hooray!

For the week to come I plan to;

~ continuing with cleaning and revamping of office space. Including selling some furnitures, getting a new simple desk and the paint for the walls. I know what colour I want, I just hope I'll find the perfect hue, that will look as good on the walls as I imagine.

~ get good news. As much as one can plan that. So let's say I plan to keep my fingers crossed for said good news. Much awaited such as a part of new life according to me.

~ have at least two good lunches with friends...

~ ... including long and good talks about life

~ continue to make really good use of the t-sacs

~ sporting at least two new pair of socks, because I didn't do that at all last week

~ hopefully finish that book I never did finish last week. But at least I'm reading, even if slowly.

~ fill more bags of stuff and books to giveaway to charity

~ do some more baking

~ working more diligently on the new website I really need to get up and running asap. I just loath the more technical aspects of it. So it takes time. And I have to take lots of breaks because it annoys me so much that the instructions, as usual, aren't very user-friendly or for close-to-dummies. But I'm also learning along the way. The long way. Hopefully the learning will stick.

~  announce the winner of a signed copy of my first book (do I hear a hum of excitement here?)

So, do you have any good plans for the week to come?

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The Elephant's Child said...

You have been super productive. So impressive.
I want to do some more weeding, swim more, plant the last of the dahlias and finish both books I am currently reading.

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