Monday, November 28, 2011

gettin' miss piggy with it


There are three major recurring notions in trends I can't stand; animal prints, metallic and sparkly. Too much bling, hate bling in general.

That said, it was actually M who spotted the nailpolish display of the Muppet-collection from OPI, not me. I don't really  n e e d  another nailpolish. But I was quite taken with these, despite them being very glittery. I think it was the idea of having party nails, something sparkling amidst the recent weather glumness. I adore green and blue nailpolish, but I decided to go with red, seasonal and perky. I simply decided to Gettin' Miss Piggy with It. (Even if I have never been a fan of the Muppets.)

When I put on the first coat of polish I realised that hey, this isn't a proper polish, this is just a sparkly top coat. I can't find any about that on the OPI website nor on the display in shop and it was quite an initial nuisance to realise. But a couple of coats sort of gives the illusion of a nailpolish, red and glittery, flirtatious and very party even on a grey day. Plus, if it chipps it doesn't show as well since it's see-through and made up by tinsel. So it's pretty enjoyable anyway.


The other jars comes with a little M story too. I was going to use my discount coupon on a jar of Kiehl's ultra facial cream (the one that works best for my dry and at times apparently sensitive skin), turns out they sell it in two jar sizes these days, so I went for the big one. Oh wait, said the sales clerk, let me give you a limited edition jar, it's much prettier. It's not as I had to pay more for it, so why not go for something more pleasing to the eye when I had the chance? - the expression on M's face overhearing that discussion was... well, obvious.

And when she described the deliciousness of Creme de Corps body butter with soy milk and honey and I went a bit swoony when I sniffed the sample jar - his facial expression went even more... obvious.

Some people just don't get it. Obviously.

PS The prettiness of the limited edition jar is however very debatable imho DS

PPS I was going to say a few words about how unfortunate it is that Kiehl's products are quite expensive in Europe, not just in Sweden, but really, they're overall pretty awesome and I will stick to my definitive view that too many things we buy are the very opposite to expensive, they're too cheap and if the consumer doesn't pay a reasonable price someone else has paid an unreasonable one DS


Felis said...

When I buy cosmetics price does not define for me I'm just interested company to not tested on animals. I'm satisfied, that local company gives part of their profit for campaign to save nature. And the products are with excellent quality.

pärlbesatt said...

Själv köpte jag värsta disconagellacket från just OPI en dag då jag hade gjort nåt skitstort och skitviktigt. Jag älskar glitter och hade nånstans trott att du också gjorde det. Lite kul att få sina fördomar obekräftade. :)

Shaheen said...

Like you I am not a fan of animal prints, but I do have a confession - when I was small I did own a animal/tiger print coat - I blame my mother.

Not a fan of bling either, but glittery nail polish - I can't say no to it, esp on party nights.

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