Saturday, November 30, 2013

a knitted update

the first beanie of the season

second yarn project of the season is a beanie. a special order which is a really fun one. beanie itself is now finished, but the quirky details remain to be added. 

first yarn project, the sweater, is actually all finished. it took 4+ hours to sew together. a seemingly simple model and yet no it wasn't very obvious how to assemble it...

as i suspected it wasn't a very flattering model for my body type. unfortunately. someone completely flat-chested would rejoice in it. me not so much. i'm thinking it would be nice to turn the sweater into a cardigan instead. then it would be more suited for me. thus will have to find a solution for that i think.

yes i will take pictures. i've already the scene set. it will involve a cat. who will most likely be the star of the photo, instead of the uncomfortable wearer of said sweater. stay tuned for that.

and yes, even if sweater isn't what i'd like for me i'm quite pleased that i actually did finish the whole yarn project in a reasonable amount of time. i'm notoriously bad at that, when i start things for myself. orders for others, that's another story of happy endings.

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