Thursday, March 27, 2014

easter lilies, tulips and such

easter lilies and tulips

it is the time of easter lilies and tulips. and  of course flowers on the office window sill is a perfect way to surround oneself with beauty and inspiration at work. 

easter lilies and tulips

i think the organic parrot tulips are exceptionally gorgeous, wouldn't you agree? especially so with a complimentary liquorice cat of course.

easter lilies and tulips

and bright, colourful flowers are perfect to play with in the coloursplash app. if you haven't tried it is indeed great fun. and a lovely way to create personal profile pictures with a bit of oomf. since a bit of oomf is never out of place.

easter lilies and tulips


Elephant's Child said...

Here I am just thinking of planting bulbs - thank you for reminding me of the magic.
And I love the liquorice cat too.

Marie said...

I'm loving the colours popping up in the gardens and at the garden shops at the moment. One can't help but be happy.

We haven't got many tulips yet, but plenty of the smaller flowers are out and of course the pretty, golden daffodils. I've not seen Easter Lilies yet if you meant trumpetlilja (Lilium longiflorum) but then you may have a bigger choice in the city florists than we have out in the country.

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