Monday, March 03, 2014

when melon goes pamplemousse

when melon goes pamplemousse

When I sliced the galia melon today it had, like by magic, turned into a supersized grapefruit (but as I adore the French word for it 'pamplemousse' I'll continue to refer to it as that). Quite bizarre actually. And it wasn't a very tasty pamplemousse; dry, flavourless and with a course texture when I tried to eat it as was.

But then I found a carrot to match (supersized) so I turned that carrot + half the pamplemousse into a big glass of fresh juice instead and all was suddenly well. Very well. A big glass like that usually takes 5-7 carrots and 3 oranges to get - I'm still amazed I got all that from one carrot only.

My love affair with the juicer continues. I have to say it's probably (and unlikely) one of the best gadgets I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Cheers, March, let's make more magic!

fresh juice

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Jennifer said...

Hi Pia, I just found your blog last week and am a new follower. That's so interesting with the melon! I wonder what happened. I've bought a galia melon once or twice and was surprised there wasn't a stronger flavor because they smelled so good on the outside. I love your photo of it, the colors are beautiful.

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