Tuesday, March 04, 2014

happy fat tuesday 2014 ~

fat tuesday 2014

As you know, I've already "cheated" and had my first semla of the season well before time (which should be today, Fat Tuesday according to orthodox traditionalists), but still having one (or more) today is of course special.

Thus I had a small sourdough one at a cafe, very enjoyable and very much like the Stockholm super semla, with a heavenly almondy almond paste. The place, Cafe Tårtan (the cake) is very much worth a visit, not only for it's semla.

At home we had another very enjoyable one - from Konditori Chic, one of my favourite cafes, due to its unpretentiousness, good food, bread, cakes, fika and value for money - all and all, a five star semla day as far as I'm concerned.

fat tuesday 2014

Happy Fat Tuesday,
I hope you had a lovely semla or two!

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Marie said...

I see your furry friends are enjoying the cream. Very cute ♥ ♥

We had semlor yesterday as well, although mine were home made, so I could have them just as I liked them. I only made a small batch and froze the remaining buns, which we will eat this week.

I couldn't possibly eat more than one in a day as they are very filling. It makes you wonder how that King Adolf Fredrik managed to eat 14 in one sitting (and hetvägg at that!). Of course, he died right afterwards, so perhasps it wasn't one of his better ideas :-)

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